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17 Signs You Have Hair ADD

Maybe I want bangs.

1. When people ask you what your natural hair color is, you have to think about it.

It was kind of a ... like a ... light ... brown? Blondish ... red? I don't know, let me try to find some pictures of me at 13.

2. You don't understand your friends who hate going to the salon. You LOVE the salon.

Two hours of forced-no-activity, and you'll massage my head? AND make me look awesome? Yes, please.

3. Your hair-chameleon icon is the goddess Rihanna.

How can one person look so beautiful in so many different hair colors and styles. Truly, it is magic.

4. You use dramatic hair transformations the way other people use therapy.

Paramount Pictures / Via

5. After a new cut you typically spend about 2-4 weeks ADORING your hair.

6. ... before then starting to completely DETEST. IT.

7. You're on a lifelong search to find the PERFECT SHADE that will flatter your face, make you gorgeous, and improve pretty much your entire life.

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8. You see videos of Beyoncé whipping her hair and immediately decide: I have to grow out my hair.

(Or get extensions. Would that we could all afford celebrity-grade extensions!!!!)

9. And then you look at pictures of Miley or Jennifer Lawrence or Julianne Hough and decide: I HAVE TO HAVE THAT HAIR.

10. You consider getting/growing out your bangs roughly 47 times a day.

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11. You follow at least one fancy hair-do Instagram. (Or you have a hair-focused Pinterest.)

12. ... and at least one crazy-colorist, too.


13. You've tried every infomercial/celebrity-hawked hair tool in the business.

14. You've googled "how to cut own hair" on SEVERAL impatient occasions.

Apatow Productions / Via

You went through with it — once. Never again.

15. Your first reaction upon seeing teen blogger gifs on Tumblr is to wonder: Is [your age] too old for neon blue anime hair?

16. You've impulsively gotten more than one hair cut that made you go home and cry.

17. And then realized that, no matter what you do to it, it'll be okay. It's just hair.

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