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17 Reasons Lakes Are Inherently Superior To Oceans

Superior. Get it??

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3. Because it's a BAD idea to tube in the ocean. You will die.

AZP Worldwide / Via Shutterstock

The salt spray alone would ruin you. Lakes, on the other hand, are meant for this.

7. And THIS Is the one you'll find in the ocean.

Mogens Trolle / Via Shutterstock

(I know people SAY that sharks are, like, only in "parts" of the ocean or whatever, but are there underwater shark gates keeping them from one day deciding to come after YOU, even if you're only in two-foot shallows and everyone says you're being "paranoid"? No. There are not.)


9. Except, maybe, for a lake surrounded by mountains at twilight.

(Phewa Lake, Nepal)

11. And because floating TRAMPOLINES are the single greatest invention of the 21st century.

Suzanne Tucker / Via Shutterstock

Trampolines are TOO SCARY, except for when the only thing to fall into is water.


14. Because there is no greater majesty than a giant, ugly, wonderful pontoon.

15. (Except for a boozy pontoon PARTY.)

16. Because the lake cabin is the greatest possible getaway.


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