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    The Minnesota State Fair Announced Its 2015 Foods And They're Insane

    It's that time of year again! The Minnesota State Fair just announced its new foods for 2015, and they're nuts.

    1. Spam Burger

    Minnesota State Fair

    Good news, you have five flavors to choose from.

    2. Mac & Cheese Cupcake

    Minnesota State Fair

    Now THIS is what I think when I think "Fair food": unholy, insane-looking, delightful. A macaroni and cheese cupcake in breadcrumb crust, frosted with Cheez Whiz. Kill me, I'm not worthy.

    3. Grandma Deb's Snicker Bar Salad

    Minnesota State Fair

    A version of the Minnesota classic, this Snickers salad consists of Snickers, Granny Smith apples, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, and caramel sauce. Like a more edible candied apple.

    4. Sriracha Balls

    Minnesota State Fair

    Chicken- or cream-cheese-based balls stuffed with tomatoes, egg, and corn and then breaded in panko, deep-fried, and rolled in Sriracha sauce.

    5. Chilled Bread Pudding

    Minnesota State Fair

    Bread pudding (in four flavors, including gluten-free) in the form of a sundae, served with a dunking sauce and choice of condiments.

    6. Italian Dessert Nachos

    Minnesota State Fair

    Cinnamon sugar cannoli chips (!!) covered in sweet ricotta, fruit, chocolate, nuts, and candy. THERE IS A GOD.

    7. Burger Dog

    Minnesota State Fair

    Described as a "ground blend of hamburger, hot dog, bacon, and a splash of jalapeño," the burger dog is the perfect food item for people who love hot dogs, but want even more animal miscellany mixed into them.

    8. Totchos

    Minnesota State Fair

    Tater tot. Nachos. The mothership has landed.

    9. Cannoli

    Minnesota State Fair

    It's not the cannoli's first time ever at the fair (hello, Ole's Cannoli), but instead, its triumphant return. (If from a different vendor: Mancini's Al Fresco.)

    10. Fried Ribs

    Minnesota State Fair

    Holy heart attack. *one thousand heart-eyes emoji*

    11. Maple Bacon Funnel Cake

    Minnesota State Fair

    A twist on the fair classic — a funnel cake "infused" with bacon pieces and covered in maple glaze (and more bacon).

    12. Hot Tail

    Minnesota State Fair

    This is a roasted pig tail coated in scallion ginger sauce, which is possibly great if you are into pig tails.

    13. Sriracha Dog

    Minnesota State Fair

    Beef hot dog on Sriracha cream-cheese-smeared bun, topped with bacon and more Sriracha.

    14. Kimchi 'n' Curry Poutine

    Minnesota State Fair

    A variation on poutine (a classic among our neighbors to the north), this is braised pork and potatoes covered in curry gravy, cheddar cheese, kimchi, and a poached egg.

    15. Prime Rib to Go

    Minnesota State Fair

    A prime rib sandwich served in everyone's favorite food shape: a cone.

    16. Stuffed Italian Meatloaf On-a-Stick

    Minnesota State Fair

    It's like a meatloaf...but on a stick.

    17. Wine-Fried Kalettes

    Minnesota State Fair

    It was only a matter of time before we brought kale to the Fair, dipped it in wine, and fried the shit out of it. Bless you, Minnesota.

    To see the rest of the new foods announced for 2015, click here!

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