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16 Struggles Every Low-Key Goth Will Understand

Does anyone wanna go to the cemetery?

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1. Spending 11/12ths of the year waiting desperately for October.

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It's the only month you feel ~at home.~

2. Putting more effort into Halloween than anyone else you've ever met.

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It's not a holiday, it is a responsibility.

3. Being told you should try "wearing some color!"

Paramount Pictures / Via

You didn't mean to accumulate 90% black clothing. It just happened.

4. Accumulating an inadvertently suspicious Google search history.

Katie Heaney / Via BuzzFeed

"Fake blood — realistic." "Serial killer art." "Grossest diseases."

5. Nobody appreciates your constant attempts to turn everything into a scary story.

FOX / Via

You just want to get some adrenaline pumping in here!!

6. Feeling bored to death by most "scary" movies.

Channel 4 / Via

Yet being unable to get anyone to go see them with you.

7. (Seriously, *another* skinny, disjointed white lady crawling around the ceiling?)


8. Earning a reputation for overly dramatic exits.

"See you later ... MAYBE" is a perfectly accurate way to say goodbye.

9. Living without the company of The Midnight Society since 2000.

It just isn't the same without them. (Thank god for YouTube.)

10. Constantly wishing you *actually* had the ability to hex people.

FX / Via


11. Nobody wants to go to the Gross-Out FreakFest Terror Trail Haunted House Experience with you.

Geffen Company / Via

12. Most people find your interests ... weird.

"What do you like to do on the weekends? Oh. Haha ... that's cooooool. Cool."

"What do you like to do on the weekends? Oh. Haha ... that's cooooool. Cool."

13. Frightening people with your aesthetic choices.

Just because I want my nails to looks like death claws does not mean I will use them for evil.

14. Making people do Ouija with you and watching as they FAIL to take it seriously.

"Do we have to do this at every dinner party?"

15. Having to refrain yourself from telling your friends/family the worst possible diagnosis possibilities every time they get sick.

Sure. Seasonal cold. I'm sure you're right.

16. Nobody believes you about the ghosts.

Focus Features / Via

But they'll see. They'll see.

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