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15 Things Only People Named Katie Will Understand

Are you Katie A. or Katie M. or Katie P.?

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1. In school and at work, you'll never get to be THE Katie.

Sometimes the first Katie in a place gets OG status, and then the rest have to have their last name initials added, and it causes all kinds of in-group resentment.

2. You'll (ALMOST) never be short on souvenir swag.

You're so used to seeing your name included among the keychains and license plates that it feels like a PERSONAL ATTACK when, all of a sudden, you scroll right from "Kate" to "Kathy" to "Karen" and DON'T see a Katie.


9. You have an instinctive, reflexive distrust of your dastardly cousin — the Katy.

Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters

What makes you so SPECIAL, huh? Are you in a hurry? Are you trying to save yourself some time by cutting out that extra letter?? Where are you GOING, anyway?


15. Everyone's always like, "But you're going to go by Katherine/Kathleen/Kathy when you're older, right?" Because they think Katie is a name for LITTLE GIRLS.

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But you know what, no. It is weird to tell someone to change their name just because they're 30 or whatever. Katie for life.