12 Types Of Ghosts Caught On Security Cameras

The Internet’s favorite variety of ghost-sighting evidence comes in several forms. Some are more terrifying than others. Boo!

1. Haunted Dust That Makes The News

This spooky, motion-sensor-tripping piece of dust in the Lincoln County Courthouse in Wiscasset, Maine, has a face! I personally cannot see it, but I don’t have a magnifying glass on me.

“They used to hang people RIGHT here.”

2. Altruistic Haunted Dust That Makes The News

THIS piece of dust is trying to help build affordable housing…from the afterlife.

3. Athletic Haunted Dust That Makes The News

This piece of dust is up in the gym just working on its fitness.

4. Haunted Blue Stuff That Makes The News

From CNN, the most trusted name in ghost news.

“There’s like, an old Indian reservation, from what I understand.” *points to floor*

5. Haunted Bugs That Fly Around In Plain Sight Yet Are Mistaken For “A Ghost Wearing A Hoodie”

Lisa and Phil Rigley set up a security camera to catch meddlesome kids damaging their Volvo, but what they found was much more … specific: “a child” who “looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost” and is “wearing a hoodie — jumping over their car in their driveway.”

6. Haunted Cotton That Requires Assistance of Experts To Identify It As Normal Cotton, Though It Seems We May Never Know

IS there any dispute that this cottony ball of light — taped floating, cotton-like, across the screen of a security camera focused on a police car in Santa Fe — is mysterious?

“After all, there is an old Indian burial ground right across the street, and a man was once killed outside the courthouse.”

7. Ghosts Who Hate Blankets

A ghost at Midtown Mall in Sherman, Texas. “This footage shows one blanket pop off the shelf at 9:36 p.m. Then, at 10:19 p.m., two more blankets fall off the shelf.”

8. Ghosts Who Hate Pizza Supplies

View this embed ›

“At a NORMAL pizzeria, when things start disappearing, there’s usually a perfectly good explanation.” Stocky’s Pizza, in Haughton, Louisiana, is not a normal pizzeria.

9. Ghosts Who Hate Fruit Roll-Ups

This ghost is VERY likely that of a random Australian man, with no formerly known biases against rubber treats, who was murdered 14 years ago in the general area of this grocery store in Adelaide.

10. Ghosts Who Check Out The Old Office

Does this security video show Walt Disney taking a walk around the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland? Yes. I’m ruling this one as real, I don’t care.

11. Ghosts Who Hug

Late-night footage of Coral Cafe in Burbank, California. Aw.

12. Ghosts Who Make You Rethink Your Dismissal of That Lincoln County Courthouse Dust

AaaaaaAAAAHHHHH! What is that?? WHAT IS THAT.

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