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12 Creepy Christmas Movies To Watch ASAP

For when you're feeling a bit more Krampus than Claus.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community what their favorite creepy Christmas movies were to watch during the holidays. Here are their best suggestions.


4. A Christmas Horror Story, 2015

Copperheart Entertainment

"A Christmas Horror Story — just watched it a week ago on Netflix. It's almost like Trick 'r Treat: four different stories being told at the same time and yes, Krampus is part of it." — Denise Fellin, Facebook

6. Rare Exports, 2010


"Rare Exports! A strange Finnish movie. I love that it captures the looming dread of Christmas... and also there is a herd of old, naked, bearded men. read that correctly... a HERD of them!" — Alaire Mansell, Facebook


8. Black Christmas, 1974

Film Funding Ltd. of Canada

"The remake is abominable, compared to the original. The original was directed by Bob Clark — he directed A Christmas Story! I watched the remake once out of curiosity and then tossed the DVD." — CalculusThief

9. Silent Night, Deadly Night, 1984

TriStar Pictures

"Silent Night, Deadly Night — it satisfies on SO MANY levels. It has great, suspenseful kills, decent acting, and an entertaining story. Perfect Christmas movie. Watching it is a tradition in our house." — CalculusThief

12. American Psycho, 2000

Am Psycho Productions

"American Psycho — not necessarily a 'Christmas' movie, but it is about a psycho serial killer during Christmas time. The holiday party scene is iconic. Greatest movie ever hands down, underrated Christmas film." — rachelkwish95

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