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    12 Books About Extraterrestrials That Will Blow Your Mind

    Wake up, sheeple.

    1. UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record, by Leslie Kean

    2. The Mothman Prophecies, by John A. Keel

    3. Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-Up, by Thomas J. Carey, Donald R. Schmitt, and Edgar Mitchell

    4. Communion, by Whitley Strieber

    5. Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, by Nick Pope

    Though perhaps less famous than the Roswell Incident, the Rendlesham Forest Incident — which took place in Rendlesham Forest, England — is considered the best-documented UFO incident in world history. (Notable among the evidence — abnormally heightened radiation readings from the trees said to be in the direct line of the crashed aircraft.) In this book, former British government UFO investigator Nick Pope incorporates witnesses' shocking first-hand stories and a number of formerly classified documents on the case.

    6. The Interrupted Journey, by John G. Fuller

    First published in 1966, this bestseller tells the tale of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, alleged to have taken place in New Hampshire in 1961. The couple was driving home late at night when, they said, they spotted a craft. Two hours later, they arrived in Portsmouth with no recollection of the time that had passed. For many months afterward, both Betty and Barney underwent hypnosis and psychiatric evaluation, and more and more details about the incident began to emerge. This book presents the complete account.

    7. Mirror Earth, Michael D. Lemonick

    This book comprises a more, ah, down-to-Earth discussion of outer space and its possible inhabitants, examining astronomers' and a group of competitive "exoplaneteers'" search for another Earth-like planet — and with it, alien life.

    8. The Day After Roswell, by Philip Corso

    In this tremendously popular look at the Roswell Incident by Colonel Philip J. Corso — former member of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council and former head of the Foreign Technology Desk in the US Army — the author claims to have personally managed several recovery projects of alien artifacts found in the crash, later converting alien technologies for American use.

    9. Chariots of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past, by Erich von Däniken

    10. The Invisible College: What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered about UFO Influence on the Human Race, by Jacques Vallee

    Jacques Vallee, French researcher and PhD in computer science, has long studied aerial phenomena, and in this book examines possible links between patterns in UFO sightings and human behavior and events — and how much of it takes place in the realm of the human psyche.

    11. Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, by Annie Jacobsen

    12. The 12th Planet, by Zecharia Sitchin

    No UFO enthusiast's library is complete without at least one book by Zecharia Sitchin, perhaps the most famous proponent and writer on the ancient astronaut theory, which states that the ancient Sumerians were created by an alien race called the Annunaki, who hail from the planet Nibiru. This book, first released in 1976, is now in its 45th printing.

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