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    11 Signs You're A Total Sagittarius

    1. You were born between November 23 and December 21.

    1. You're blunt and quick to confront a conflict head-on, because why waste time?

    Sometimes, when you aren't careful, or with more sensitive people, this directness can be interpreted as "asshole-ishness." But it can also be a very useful trait to have.

    2. You're restless, always looking for a new adventure.

    Sagittarius people sometimes like running away from things in search of new adventures. But this trait also makes you adaptable to change.

    3. You're generous and LOVE giving presents, sometimes in a way that goes ... overboard.

    It's just that wrapping things is so much fun.

    4. You're the eternal optimist.

    It's not that you don't ever feel cynical, but you bounce back from hardship more easily than most people.

    5. Domestic skills are ... not your strong suit.

    Perhaps you've been able to overcome your avoidance of most things kitchen- and housekeeping-related. If so, good for you for fighting nature.

    6. You are not the MOST flexible person on the entire planet.

    When working or groups or under a supervisor you don't respect, you can get frustrated and resentful. You like to be in control at all times. Unfortunately this does not seem entirely realistic.

    7. You're introspective and into the idea of self-improvement.

    This can be a great quality, but it can also make you a bit of a space cadet.

    8. You place a very high value on freedom and youth (even if in the symbolic sense).

    This can make it hard for you to settle down, but Sagittarius people are great at commitment when they set their minds to it.

    9. You are not *that* much fun to play games/sports with sometimes.

    You don't "want" to win. You HAVE. To win.

    10. You are wise and trustworthy with a keen insight into other people.

    Just fight the urge to always tell everyone "I told you so."

    11. You feel a powerful connection to horses. (?)

    Per this Sag profile: "Since the Sagittarius is part horse, there is also a connection between Sagittarius and horses, be it a love of riding or an emphasis on the most powerful part of a horse: its legs and thighs." OK!

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