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11 Signs You're A Total Sagittarius

1. You were born between November 23 and December 21.

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1. You're blunt and quick to confront a conflict head-on, because why waste time?

Sometimes, when you aren't careful, or with more sensitive people, this directness can be interpreted as "asshole-ishness." But it can also be a very useful trait to have.


6. You are not the MOST flexible person on the entire planet.

When working or groups or under a supervisor you don't respect, you can get frustrated and resentful. You like to be in control at all times. Unfortunately this does not seem entirely realistic.


11. You feel a powerful connection to horses. (?)

Per this Sag profile: "Since the Sagittarius is part horse, there is also a connection between Sagittarius and horses, be it a love of riding or an emphasis on the most powerful part of a horse: its legs and thighs." OK!

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