10 Super Freaky UFOs Caught On Video

Are these videos of strange lights and aircrafts genuine? Who knows. Are they super creepy? Ahhhhh, yessssss.

1. “Phoenix Lights,” Phoenix, AZ: 1997

The Phoenix Lights is the name given to a two-part UFO sighting in Phoenix, Arizona in March 1997 — first, a triangular shaped craft passed over the city at dusk, and, later, a stationary set of lights (captured above) blinkered over Estrella Mountain range. Thousands of people reported seeing the lights. (The first event was later said to be a “group of planes” while the latter was said to be military flares.)

(Full video)

2. Hudson Valley, NY: 2000

This video, taken by Bruce Cornet in Montgomery, NY in 2000, shows what many UFO enthusiasts call a “manta ray” UFO for its triangular shape. Hudson Valley has been a popular site for UFO sightings for many years.

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3. Greifswald, Germany: 1990

In the Eastern German town of Greifswald in 1990, a number of people reported seeing a group of seven lights in the sky, seemingly flying together in formation for about half an hour before disappearing.

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4. “The STS-48 Incident,” 1991

A video taken from space during NASA mission STS-48 shows a number of “unusual” lights, including one near the center of the top third of the frame that seems to suddenly reverse direction. NASA explained the lights as ice particles reacting to engine jets.

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5. Erasmuskloof, South Africa: 1996

In 1996, Sergeant Becker of the Adriaan Vlok police station in Erasmuskloof, South Africa reported seeing a glowing disc in the sky above. A radar operator at Johannesburg International Airport confirmed the presence of an aircraft in the sky at the disc’s location. A helicopter chase ensued, and the object flew off vertically and disappeared.

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6. “The STS-80 Incident,” 1996

Another NASA orbit video, taken in 1996, displayed an unusual array of lights (seen above). Analysis of the quickly moving lights in the video first indicated that they were likely neither shuttle debris nor meteors; however, a later analysis done by NASA suggested they were “sunlit debris.”

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7. “Tinley Park Lights,” Tinley Park, IL: 2005

The “Tinley Park Lights” refer to a series of UFO sightings taking place in Tinley Park, IL and Oak Forest, IL between August 2004 and October 2005. Witnesses (which numbered in the hundreds) across the sightings consistently reported seeing three reddish or orange-ish lights either hanging silently or moving slowly in formation. The origins of the lights are still unknown.

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8. Graaff Reniet, South Africa: 1999

This video, taken over Graaff Reniet in South Africa, shows what looks like a gold, circular craft hovering in the sky. Other witnesses said the craft seen here had earlier been seen chasing smaller, color-changing discs.

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9. Kolkata, India 2007

The two lights above were reported to belong to one object, first a sphere and later shifting into a straight line, seen above Kolkata, India, in 2007 by hundreds of people. The lights rapidly change colors; footage of the incident was later shown to the director of the Birla Planetarium in Kolkata, who remarked that it was “extremely interesting and strange.”

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10. Turkey: 2008

The above video, taken by night guard Yalcin Yalman in May, 2008, is considered by some ufologists — including the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center — to be some of the most important and compelling UFO footage ever captured. Some claim that certain closeups in the video show alien entities clearly visible inside the craft. (Click on the link to get a closer look.)

(Full video)

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