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10 Signs You're A Total Scorpio

You were born between October 23 and November 21.

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1. The one word people use to describe you most often is "intense."

You're just INTENSE, you know?? You're just A LOT.

2. Nobody's better with the quick, cutting comeback than you.

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Scorpios have a "stinger" which they sometimes use in self-defense, to great effect — though you may sometimes regret just how good at insults you are.

3. You have a strong, natural magnetism.

Many people are drawn to Scorpios' intensity, mystery, and passionate charm. Liking you is EXCITING.

4. But you also can be somewhat secretive and guarded.

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Scorpios often feel that their intensity overwhelms people, and attempt to compensate by building a wall. You can become quite withdrawn.

5. You're extremely independent.

Scorpios are fiercely protective of their alone time, and are perhaps the sign most suited to solitude.

6. You tend to be jealous and a little territorial.

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Scorpios get easily jealous of romantic partners, and sometimes friends — they have to be careful to not let this tendency slide into possessiveness.

7. Conversely, nobody's more loyal to loved ones than you.

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Scorpios are extremely protective of the people they care about, often going so far as to hold grudges on their behalf. Other people want you on their side.

8. You have a sharp, observant sense of humor.

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Whether defense mechanism or not, Scorpios are highly tuned to the world's many idiosyncrasies and absurdities, and are better able to cleverly point them out than most.

9. You are very driven and ambitious.

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Scorpios want to make a difference, and if they set their minds to it, they will. You want to be in a leadership role — you love the feeling of being in control.

10. You don't want to win. You HAVE to win.

Scorpios are unusually competitive — so much so that they're often willing to manipulate in order to win a game (or even to "win" a situation).

Scorpio traits compiled from here, here, and here.

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