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    10 Signs You're A Total Gemini

    1. You were born between May 21 and June 21.

    1. Once you get started talking, it could be a while before you stop.

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    It's not just about small talk for a Gemini, though they're great at that too (and totally at ease at cocktail parties among acquaintances and strangers) — Gemini personalities love to get lost in heady, hours-long discussions in search of new information.

    2. You really are the life of the party.

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    You're versatile and chatty and fun to be around — everyone at the party is happy to see you show up. That being said, too much flitting around can lead others to think of you as somewhat superficial.

    3. You're a liiiittle indecisive.

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    Geminis, because they're good at seeing the pros in any two given options, can have a hard time making decisions and sticking to them. Your flexibility is a gift, but it can easily slide into wishy-washiness if you're not careful.

    4. By the same token, it can be hard for you to take a side and stick to it.

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    That Geminis can see both sides of an issue is a practical quality, and often in helpful in questions of pragmatism. But for friends of the Gemini, it can be frustrating to not know what kind of advice they can expect, and some might consider you fickle.

    5. You have a hard time sitting still.

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    Because Geminis are so energetic, and because their minds are always running, a Gemini can quickly become bored and fidgety if there isn't anyone (or anything) interesting around to engage with.

    6. HOWEVER, you're always ready to sit down and listen to your friends' various problems.

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    When "just hearing someone out" is what a friend needs, Geminis are a great go-to. Your love of conversation (and gossip!) makes you a great recipient for longwinded rants.

    7. You approach problems rationally and logically.

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    Geminis are always an asset in the workplace, for they are able to approach problems unemotionally and with clear focus. This can make more sensitive signs feel that Geminis are cold or calculating, but Geminis prefer to consider themselves as merely reasonable.

    8. Your childlike energy will keep you forever young.

    Geminis are frequently described as "eternally youthful," light, and exuberant. The downside of these otherwise great qualities is that Geminis can be willfully naive if it means preserving their innocence.

    9. You love a good team sport or bonding activity.

    Geminis, with their dual energies, have enough stamina for two people, and they love using it to play and compete with others. Regardless of actual athletic talent, Geminis are always picked early in team sports.

    10. You need to remember to chill out once in a while.

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    Geminis are perpetually frenetic and all about the fun, but it's important for you to remember to take a breather once in a while. This site recommends "layering yourself in soft yellows and blues."

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