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10 Signs You're A Total Cancer

You were born between June 22—July 22.

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1. You're domestic and nurturing, with a natural inclination toward homemaking.

Cancer signs feel best when their home is a place of calm and contentment, and they love to contribute toward that feeling by taking care of the people in it.

2. You have a strongly developed artistic side.

Whether it's music, design, crafting, or poetry, Cancers are driven by a need to express themselves through art.

3. You value tradition and loyalty, and you're likely patriotic.

Upholding practices developed within families, communities, and even countries are of great importance to the Cancer sign.

4. You're very interested in history and culture.

You have a great memory, which assists you in keeping track of the historic events and people you love to read about.

5. You're not great at taking advice or criticism.!2GYoR

Cancers can be defensive when they feel they haven't lived up to other people's expectations, and, if they aren't cautious, that can lead them to lash out.

6. Much like the animal assigned to your sign, you can be a bit ... crabby.

Cancers are known to develop a thick "shell" which they'll retreat into when feeling uncomfortable, upset, or cranky. Once you're in, it can be hard to get you out.

7. You're highly intuitive, and often pick up on things others miss.

Your intuitive and observational nature make you a desired friend — often the people you're close to won't have to tell you they want to talk. You'll know.

8. You're the first to cry and the first to laugh.

Once you get a Crab out of its shell, they'll be quick to fill you in on the FULL RANGE of emotions they're sure to be feeling at any given moment.

9. Relatedly, you're super-sensitive.

Cancers get their feelings hurt rather easily, and it can be hard for them to recognize if they're being overly sensitive.

10. Cancers love to show their affection.

So in tune with their own emotions, Cancers also care a lot about others', and they're quick to show that care with a hug (or otherwise).

Cancer traits compiled from here, here, and here.

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