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10 Signs You're A Total Aries

1. You were born between March 21 and April 19.

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2. Conversely, you don't enjoy being bossed around.

Aries' independent nature (and propensity for leading themselves), and their desire to get their own way, can make it hard for them to tolerate being told what to do.

3. When things don't go your way, you don't handle it ... super well.

Aries, the horned ram, can become rather aggressive (and sometimes childish) when confronted, or when something they wanted to work a certain way doesn't.


5. You start so many projects that you may have trouble finishing some of them.

You're enthusiastic about starting new things, and generally quite good at it, but Aries can quickly become over-extended if they spread their energy too thin, or give up if success doesn't come easily.


8. You are a protective, sympathetic friend.

When Aries people are able to take a step back from their own passionate agendas, they're often very kind, generous, and sympathetic listeners to their friends. Their optimism also makes them natural pep-talkers.

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