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10 Things To Do On Mother's Day When Your Mom Has Passed Away

Mother's Day isn't always the easiest when your mom isn't physically around to celebrate. With countless commercials, advertisements, and reminders of Mother's Day in circulation around this time, it may make those who have experienced loss feel on the outs. While it may be painful to get through this day, here are some ideas for those who wish to commemorate their mom up above.

1. Indulge in her favorite food.

alittlerosemary / Via Instagram

Take a bite of her favorite thing to eat -- whether that's going to her favorite restaurant, cooking up her favorite dish, or ordering in something she would love. If you had a Mother's Day tradition of getting something special to eat, don't be afraid to continue doing so.

2. Watch one of her favorite movies.

brzozi_ / Via Instagram

Laugh at some of the old corny jokes she loved, or cry alongside some of her favorite emotional parts. If you had a favorite movie you liked to watch together, pop it in. (This also applies to favorite TV shows, too).

3. Take a stab at one of her hobbies.

julie_arts_24 / Via Instagram

If she enjoyed painting, try creating something of your own (no skills required). If she loved running, throw on some work out gear and go for a jog. If she loved gardening, pick up some seeds or a potted plant from your local Home Depot and plant something in her honor. Whatever she loved to do, you can try it out too.

4. Listen to her favorite music.

vintage_tunes / Via Instagram

Whether you're in the car, or just around the house -- play one (or a few) of her favorite songs. If she had a favorite artist, play some of their popular tracks and maybe even find a love of your own.

5. Go through old photos or home movies.

ellaofthevalley / Via Instagram

Although it may be difficult to revisit the past, reminiscing on happy memories could evoke some laughter (and maybe, some tears). Flipping through your baby pictures, or hearing her voice on an old home video might be a great way to feel connected.

6. Call up a trusted loved one and talk about her.

katekuan / Via Instagram

Whether it's another family member, or a friend -- it can feel good to talk about your mom openly. You can discuss the good times you and your mom have had together, or ask them about their memories of her (if they had the chance to meet her). Feel free to take the conversation as deep -- or as light-hearted -- as you want it.

7. Donate to a charity that reminds you of her.

vprofx / Via Instagram

If your mom had a favorite charity -- look up them up online. If not, do a quick Google search of charities that might remind you of her. If she passed from heart related issues, for example, browse some charities in relation to that. If your mom had a huge love for animals, look up some local animal shelters. Whether you wind up donating $1, or $100 -- donating something in her honor might make you feel good in a number of ways.

8. Light a candle.

eyesketcher / Via Instagram

Lighting a candle in honor of your mom is a silent and calming way of saying "I'm here". Whether you're relaxing on the couch, or working on something around the house -- a candle can be a low-maintenance way of remembering her in that moment.

9. Buy her a Mother's Day card.

thepaperwilderness / Via Instagram

It's okay to meet the Mother's Day card section in the grocery store head-on. Buy her a card, take it home, and write her note. Whether it's a long message, short message -- deep, or light-hearted -- writing out your feelings could be a great form of self-expression. Whether you choose to hang on to the card or throw it away after the fact is up to you.

10. Breathe.

ajz222 / Via Instagram

Mother's Day can be an extremely hard day without mom around. Know that it's okay to get in touch with your emotions -- whether you laugh, cry, or try and treat Mother's Day like any other day. How you choose to celebrate your mom is entirely up to you, and is best if it's authentic to your relationship with her. Mother's Day is for all moms -- alive and passed on -- and you are entitled to keep her memory alive just as much as anyone else.

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