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5 Things Girls With Long Eyelashes Understand

Long eyelashes, like daggers around your eyes

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1. They Can Strike At Anytime

You're in a meeting at work, on a date, giving a speech and OH GAAD! One single eyelash falls and stabs you in the eye, making you look crazy as you try not to overreact to the pain.

2. Catching the Bug

Let's face it, you've most likely caught insects with your eyelashes at some point. It's not pleasant but at least you protected your eye right?

3. No Make Up Needed

You don't need to wear mascara - but when you do, they make your eyes huge!

4. Provoking Jealousy

... but when you say you have long eyelashes and don't need make up - others like to say you're lying. But you know they're just jealous.

5. Attention

Movies did lie to you, long eyelashes don't grab attention but do look fabulous

Enjoy Them

Yes you get stabbed in the eye at least 5 times a day BUT they're naturally beautiful so just enjoy them!

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