Jeff Goldblum Played Dracula In A "Goosebumps" Computer Game

Everyone needs to be made aware of this.

1. Remember this? Of course you do. It’s called Escape from Horrorland, and it was pretty much the epitome of cool 90’s computer games.

The game acts as a sequel to the Goosebumps book, One Day at Horrorland.

Lizzie, one of the main characters from the book, finds that her brother Luke and friend Clay have suddenly disappeared after a strange occurrence of supernatural activity in her household. The only clues she has are the Horrorland tickets they got from their last encounter with the theme park. Lizzie decides to go back to Horrorland to find her brother and friend, and tons of amazing things happen.

2. While looking for Luke and Clay, you meet some interesting Horrorland residents.

4. You can collect some great Horrorland souvenirs.

Although sometimes the cockroaches you collected, liked to crawl out of your bag.

5. You can catch a movie at the Horrorland theatre.

7. Slide through tunnels that may (or may not) lead you to your untimely death.

Be careful! Don’t choose one of the never ending tunnels!

8. And prevent some forest fires.

What exactly is Super-Natural Gas anyway?

9. However, even though there are about a million amazing things to do in this game, the best part BY FAR, is the fact that JEFF GOLDBLUM plays Dracula.

Look at those smoldering eyes.

10. Here he is looking intense and bloodthirsty.

11. Here is gazing deeply into the eyes of Lizzie, the err…very young, lead character of the game(?).

Whatever. Still amazing.

12. Here he is ferociously twirling Lizzie in a dance.

Uhhh…what exactly is going on here between Jeff and Lizzie? Don’t Care.

13. Here he is getting zapped with the ring you earn in the Horrorland mummy tomb.

Poor Jeff :(

14. Jeff Dracula FOREVER.

15. Horrorland FOREVER.

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