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    21 Products From Walmart For People Who Love To Cook But Hate To Clean

    The dread of cleaning up after cooking a chef-worthy meal is a thing of the past, people.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lazy cooking spoon that'll eliminate your need for a spoon rest so you don't have to wash another dish just to keep your counters clean.


    Promising review: "I love these spoons! They are awesome because they are all silicone and they clean so easy (just pop them in dishwasher). I also love how they hook on the side of the pot! It's so convenient and less clean up than a spoon rest!" —AshleyWy

    Price: $15.99 for two (available in three colors)

    2. A splatter guard so you can fry your favorite foods without having to scrub every inch of the kitchen afterwards.


    Promising review: "I have wanted this for years and so glad I finally purchased it! Love my home-made tacos but not the clean up. This splatter guard helps keep most of the stove top clean and splatter free, yea!" —Twila B.

    Price: $5.55

    3. Reusable non-stick oven liners to keep your oven nice and clean by catching any juices and crumbs that fall while baking.


    Price: $8.29

    4. A 7-in-1 Instant Pot with tons of time-saving features so you can make a delicious meal and get away with only cleaning one pot.


    Promising review: "I made chicken soup last night just by sautéing carrots, celery, and onions (IN THE INSANT POT!) then adding a WHOLE chicken. It cooked in 20 minutes! So easy and only one pot to clean. I love this thing!" —Bob

    Price: $79.99

    5. A four-in-one vegetable chopper that'll keep your kitchen tidy during meal prep. Liquids won't drip off the side of your cutting board, veggies won't fly across the kitchen, and you can easily transfer them from the container to the pot.


    This comes with three interchangeable blades for dicing, chopping, and slicing. You can also use this to keep your prepped vegetables fresh in the fridge until you're ready to cook with them. Hand-washing is recommended, but you can also wash this in the top rack of your dishwasher.

    Promising review: "We love our chopper so much that we have two of them, and use them each day. They chop and slice everything, and they are safe to use and easy to clean." —Kmscol

    Price: $16.99 (also available in a seven-in-one chopper for $17.21)

    6. A small can colander so there's no need to dirty a big one just to drain canned veggies for your fave recipe.


    Plus, it keeps your sink cleaner when preparing food like canned tuna because little particles won't be running wild all over the place!

    Price: $3.72

    7. An 11-piece non-stick cookware set from the BuzzFeed Tasty collection that's dishwasher-safe — meaning you can toss them in the dishwasher after cooking and not have to worry about a sudsy mess.


    Promising review: "My husband bought me this set in blue. I have decided that I love cooking again! I made the perfect omelette that slid right out of the pan! Cooking is fun again with minimal mess!" —Waly

    Price: $59.25+ (available in four colors)

    8. A cutting board with color-coded mats that'll let you chop your favorite foods without the worry of cross contamination. When you're finished cooking, just wash the mats and you're done!


    Promising review: "This is an excellent product. It sits on the counter under my toaster, and is so handy. I have had mine for several years, and once you've had it, you can't imagine not having one. An excellent concept in terms of cutting boards, which are easy to use, clean, and store. " —Cath

    Price: $24.71

    9. A kale, chard, and herb stripper that won't *kale* your cooking vibe because there will be minimal mess and dishes to clean up afterwards.


    Price: $5.19

    10. A multi-section pan for cooking a bunch of different foods without dirtying tons of dishes.


    This 15" non-stick pan is dishwasher and oven safe up to 350 degrees.

    Price: $49.99

    11. A multi-use utensil that has five different functions, so no matter what you're making, you'll only need to wash one cooking tool.


    This jack-of-all trades uni-tool can be used as a slotted spoon, solid spoon, turner, cutting tool, or spatula.

    Price: $7.99

    12. A food scale that'll give accurate measurements so you can nail that recipe...and so you can dirty one fewer measuring spoon.


    Promising review: "This is a really nice scale that looks great on my counter too. It's easy to keep clean as well. It's very easy to use and I like that I can zero out the weight of a dish, then add my food to get an accurate reading." —PegM

    Price: $14.95 (available in six colors)

    13. A Scrub Daddy sponge to clean up your mess with ease. It actually changes texture depending on the temperature of the water so you can knock out all kinds of tough cleaning jobs.


    You control your scrubbing power! The FlexTexture foam is firm in cold water for tough scrubbing and soft in warm water for light cleaning. And check out a BuzzFeed writer's in-depth Scrub Daddy review for even more info.

    Promising review: "I love the way its consistency and stiffness change as you use it in different temperature water. It conforms well to all sorts of shapes and gets the gunk out of corners easily. Love the finger hole 'eyes'. Rinses perfectly clean so no awful odor lingers after you use it." —ArmyDoctorMom

    Price: $6.96 for two

    14. A pot with a handy strainer lid for easily draining your pasta — no need to even think about dirtying a colander!


    Price: $21.37

    15. Or a pot strainer clip if you like your current set of pots but still want to solve your "I hate washing my colander" issue.


    Promising review: "It really does fit several pot sizes, and saves me from having to wash a big colander when I just need to drain meat or pasta." —Jill

    Price: $10.97

    16. A countertop trash can to make the clean-as-you-go method even more efficient.


    Price: $10.60

    17. A foldable cutting board that'll help you prep your favorite stir fry dish and ensure your veggies make it into the pan, instead of onto the floor.


    Price: $12.57

    18. A non-stick silicone mat so you can say goodbye to the days of scrubbing burnt cookies and crumbs off your pans.


    Promising review: "Bought them, used them, and they worked! Easy to clean and store." —FatherMolly

    Price: $13.99 for three

    19. A boil-over safeguard to prevent your pasta water from overflowing, burning your stove top, and giving you yet another cleaning task.


    Price: $8.87

    20. A gap cover so you don't have to spend time cleaning out all the crumbs and sauces that fell into the awkward space between your counter and your stove.


    Price: $8.99 for two (available in two colors)

    21. And lastly, Mrs. Meyer's dish soap that'll use its plant-derived formula to break down grease and make it disappear with zero effort. Plus, the delicious smell of lemons will soothe you as you do your least favorite chore.

    This soap is made without any parabens, phthalates, or animal-derived ingredients, and is cruelty-free.

    Promising review: "I used less of this product to clean more dishes than my usual name brand dish detergent that I've always loved. It cuts the grease just as well, if not better. Add the wonderful fragrances (lemon verbena is my fave) make it a winner in my book." —JasmynWind5

    Price: $3.88

    You, happily eating your meal knowing there's not much cleaning to do in the kitchen:

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    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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