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    23 Game-Changing Products For Anyone Who Hates Carrying A Purse

    Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by your purse (*raises hand*).

    1. A Bandolier phone case that combines fashion and functionality. This sleek phone case holds multiple cards and comes with a strap so you can wear your phone like a crossbody bag.

    2. A bra stash pouch, because using your boobs as a purse just isn't cutting it anymore. This baby will be your *breast* friend and ensure you won't lose all your money (again).

    3. A card holder you can just throw in your pants or coat pocket, because nothing is worse than wasting time packing your purse while trying to get out of the house.

    4. Or a money clip you can also throw in your pocket, but which has a secure place to hold some cash. You can also clip it to a belt.

    5. A lightweight crossbody bag that holds only the necessities. You can also take the strap off and attach the pouch to your belt if you that hate purses so much, even a crossbody won't cut it!

    6. A purse organizer, because one of the things you hate most about every. single. purse is that it's a bottomless pit. At least this will help you keep it organized.

    7. Panties with a secret pocket so you can stash away money and credit cards. You no longer have to get your *panties in a bunch* over taking a purse out.

    8. A pouch with a kecyhain so you can attach your keys and have everything you need all in one place.

    9. A small purse with a clear touchscreen window so you can use your phone *without* having to take it out of the bag. Digging for your phone in the bottom of your huge bag will be a thing of the past.

    10. Purse Gummy, an adhesive pad you can stick to any bag strap. If you HAVE to carry a big purse, this will help the strap stay on your shoulder and make lugging it around *less* annoying.

    11. A jacket with 23 secret pockets (wow!) to hold all your valuables wherever you may be going.

    12. A garter purse you can wear under skirts or dresses when you go out dancing. It won't slip or fall, so a purse will never get in your way of ~bustin' a move~ again.

    13. A fashionable fanny pack so you can channel your inner '80s gal. Oh, and so you can throw out all the heavy purses that send you running to the chiropractor.

    14. A belt with a zipper compartment so you can go running, to the store, or even just to hang with friends! It's so discreet, you can barely tell that this Amazon customer is wearing it under their flowy shirt.

    15. A purse that'll convert into a backpack for when you can't make up your mind. You want to like carrying a purse, but just don't. So when it starts to annoy you, just sling this over your shoulder and rock a stylish backpack.

    16. A pocket tank so you can stash money in your shirt with minimum bulk. Reviewers are saying this is (shockingly) comfortable.

    17. A classic wristlet that will transport you back to your middle school days. You thought carrying a wristlet was soooo yesterday but in fact, it is the perfect way to carry your 45 credit cards for your everyday shopping trips without a having nuisance ~over your shoulder~.

    18. A zip-around wallet phone case so you can have all your cards and public transportation passes easily accessible to you at all times. You will no longer be that person that holds up the line because you're fumbling to find your stuff.

    19. An out-of-this-world crossbody bag that will make carrying any type of bag bearable.

    20. A lanyard wallet so you can wear a lightweight purse around your neck. You'll basically forget it's there, but at at least it's pretty much attached to you so you can't forget where you put it.

    21. A small leather backpack that will allow you to be hands-free — and won't break your back.

    22. An adhesive wallet to prevent you from forgetting your money or credit cards because let's face it, you always have your phone on you.

    23. A super practical fanny pack so you can give off major ~mom vibes~ while not lugging around a huge ~mom purse~.

    You, realizing you can stop carrying a big ole purse everywhere you go:

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