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    21 Gifts That Will Surprise The Heck Out Of People

    Who wouldn't love a gift with a good plot twist?

    1. A PyroPet candle for a cute and creepy surprise.

    2. Beer can socks that'll have them questioning if they're drunk. So there's not beer in there... but there are some super awesome socks?

    3. A money maze puzzle box to get a wow-factor out of giving them straight up cash. They'll be totally shocked when they solve this puzzle and there's a cash prize inside (mainly because it's not shoved into a lame-ass holiday card).

    4. Bob's Burger blind box

    5. A Harry Potter morphing mug to stun the heck out of them. They may have thought they've seen all the magic tricks up Harry's sleeve, but they were wrong.

    6. Money soap that will put their morals to the test. Will they use the soap until the money pops out OR just cut it open? Either way, they'll be pleasantly surprised when they're $1+ richer.

    7. A locket they'll never want to take off because of its unexpected purpose! Instead of putting pictures inside, they can store their favorite essential-oils and enjoy aromatherapy anywhere they go. Did I also mention it's beautiful?

    8. A Pusheen blind box that's the *purrfect* way to give them some unexpected joy and wish them a very *meowy* Christmas.

    9. A Once Upon A Book Club subscription box to give them a new book each month PLUS a few extra surprises that really bring the story to life.

    10. A Smooshy Mushy blind bag, if they love food and a good squishy. All of the keychains are pretty darn cute (if I must say so myself), so no matter which one they receive, they'll be *stuffed* with cuteness.

    11. A unique candle that will leave them SHOOK. Not only will lighting it release a delicious fig and amber aroma, but the wax will become an AMAZING natural-oil packed body lotion they can use to soften their skin.

    12. A mystery box for anyone who wants to go completely rogue and toss away the wishlists this year. The contents of the box are completely unknown, so the gift giver will be just as surprised as the gift receiver when they open it! *ruh roh*

    13. A Sephora mystery kit to bring a little unexpected glam into their life.

    14. A Poopsie slime surprise kit they'll be truly ~flabbergasted~ by. They can make unicorn slime, add a magic potion to change its color, AND get a surprise keychain to hold their slime in.

    15. A flask that looks ordinary but then *BAM* a collapsible shot glass comes out of it. Their mind will be blown thinking about all the new places they can take shots.

    16. A pug cube blind box, because they just love pugs. Now they can stack adorable smushy faces on their desk all day long instead of tagging you in countless pug Instagram posts, *bah humpug*.

    17. A Pokéball bath bomb so amazing they'll absolutely want to catch them all!

    18. A Finder Seekers Mysteries subscription box that will make them a real-life detective each month.

    19. A grooming advent calendar or a NYX beauty advent calendar that'll definitely shock them when they realize there's no gross chocolate behind those cardboard doors. *gasps* YES, PLEASE.

    20. A The Nightmare Before Christmas blind box, aka the perfect *spooooky* gift. They'll have no idea what characters will rise from the shadows (aka inside the box).

    The faces of your friends and family when they open your gifts this year:

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