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    36 Products You Didn't Know Came In Collapsible Versions

    A blow dryer diffuser, heated foot tub, fishing rod, and so much more!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A salad spinner that actually dries your lettuce like it says it will. *Romaine* calm everybody.

    2. A popcorn maker for your Friday night Christmas movie binge. Hopefully this makes it a lot more ~poppin'.~

    3. A blow dryer diffuser used to reduce frizz and and do wonders for your curly locks.

    4. A colander you may think is a chameleon because of how many ways it can be used. It can morph from a lid to prevent pasta from boiling over to a strainer AND steamer. The choice is yours, my good people.

    5. A beverage dispenser perfect for your next party or to simply store your favorite beverages in the fridge. Wine Wednesday might have just become your new favorite thing.

    6. A lunch container to hopefully encourage you to bring your own lunch to work more often. There are no excuses when the container provides a fork, a built-in condiment container, and is *drum roll please...* collapsible.

    7. A collapsible bluetooth speaker so you can jam out to all the latest hits. Non-collapsible products? ♫ Thank u, next. ♫

    8. A pail with a shovel to lighten your load when taking your bambinos to the beach (in a few months, of course) or on your next family vacation.

    9. A tea kettle so you can be prepared to have a ~par-tea~ at any given moment without sacrificing storage space.

    10. A baby bath tub to ease the stress of bath time. Nothing says misery like a screaming baby and a huge clean up. Just unplug the drain, wipe it down, and fold it up. It'll be like bath time didn't even happen.

    11. A dog bowl so your pupper can quench their thirst on all your adventures together. LOOK. AT. THOSE. GOOD. BOYS.

    12. A travel mug you will guard with your LIFE to make sure it doesn't accidentally slip into the vortex of lost mugs.

    13. A traffic cone used for tailgates, driving practice, or dog training. If you didn't think you had a need for one of these in your life, well, now ya' do.

    14. A laundry bin to be your little helper on laundry day. Although you love it for that, you'll love it even more for folding up and basically being invisible when not in use.

    15. A water bottle you can fill up with water just as fast as you can roll it up and chuck it in your bag allowing you to ~go with the flow~.

    16. A salad bowl for easily transporting your favorite lunch and keeping it fresh as can be. Soggy lettuce and toppings? Oh, *kale* no!

    17. A shot glass that will have a permanent home in your bag or on your belt loop for that "it's five o' clock somewhere" moment.

    18. Measuring cups to put a lil' collapsible ~luv~ into your recipes.

    19. A heated foot tub so you can stop begging your significant other to rub your (potentially nasty) feet.

    20. A yogurt maker if you like to make your own yogurt at home (or always wanted to try it!) but can't justify *another* electronic device wasting space on your shelves. Lucky for you, this one collapses and takes up barely any room.

    21. A crudité platter great for Taco Tuesday toppings, entertaining, or just storing your weekly noms in the fridge.

    22. A cupcake holder so you can easily transport baked goods without a Leaning Tower Of Pisa situation.

    23. A 2-in-1 klipscoop you'll be wondering where the HECK it's been all your life. Taking care of your furry BFF just got a lot easier.

    24. A dish tub that is used for a lot of other (random) things besides washing dishes. Customers are also using it as a beverage tub or to wash their bunnies. Versatility at its finest.

    25. A scissor because you just never know when you're going to need one. You might look like a total grandma having this in your bag, but when your BFF has a huge string hanging from her sweater at happy hour, she'll thank you.

    26. A reusable straw that folds away into a nice little keychain storage container. Throw it on your backpack or purse so you can always be environmentally friendly, even on the go.

    27. A lantern you can use to charge your phone, is re-chargable via solar power or a USB wire, and will no doubt keep your camping trip or blackout ~lit~.

    28. A microwave steamer that also doubles as a serving bowl for quick but perfectly steamed veggies every time.

    29. A microwave cover to avoid a mess in the microwave. No more leaving food splatter for weeks and having to scrape it off.

    30. A splatter screen so you can fry your favorite foods but reduce the mess.

    31. An on-the-go wine bag and collapsible funnel to stop your *wining* about not being able to easily transport your favorite bottle of rosé.

    32. An over-the-sink colander that won't ~strain~ your arms because it's super lightweight and easily expands to fit any sized sink.

    33. A stock pot great for good old-fashioned camping, RV life, or home-cooking alike. If you don't have a ton of space but love making a big batch of soup on the reg, this guy is for you.

    34. A telescopic fishing rod that helped this Amazon reviewer catch a 22 pound Yellowfish!

    35. A baking dish perfect for making lasagna, a loaf of banana bread, or even (dare I say) steaming vegetables. A ton of ways to use it, plus easy storage? I'd say we got ourselves a winner.

    36. A LED lamp that is super lightweight and portable so you can get proper lighting no matter what you're doing or where you're going. Traveling for work? Crafting at home? Don't worry, we got you!

    You, looking at your credit card bill after going on a collapsible product buying binge:

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