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    13 Of The Best Card Games You Can Get On Amazon

    "Life is like a deck of cards. You never know what card you're going to get dealt next." —Anonymous

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Uno, a classic card game that'll end many friendships. Beware the power of a +4 card...


    How to play: Each player takes turns matching the cards in their hand with the card shown on the top of the deck by number or color. If they don't have a card that matches, they must draw from the pile. The objective of the game is for one player to get rid of their cards first, so each player will have to use their action cards to shake things up and help defeat their opponents! Players must scream "UNO" when they have only one card left (that's the best part!). Side note, this game may have you feel like you're singing the "Cha Cha Slide" *REVERSE REVERSE*!

    Number of players: 2–10

    Promising review: "Funny story, I never played UNO until I was an adult. My husband thought that was really weird. We bought an UNO deck and I was instantly in love. If you're wondering if kids of all ages can play, the answer is YES! You're matching colors and numbers so even older toddlers can join in. But don't let me make it sound too childish, adults will definitely enjoy this game as well. The bonus fun for adults is to turn UNO into a drinking game! I've seen different rules of play on various blogs, but I am sure you could come up with different ones on your own too!" —YankeesBabe83

    Price: $4.97

    2. Monopoly Deal, a "get out of jail free card" for when your friends are begging to play a long-ass game of Monopoly.


    How to play: When it's a player's turn, they pick a card from the deck. Players use action cards to double their opponents' rent, take their properties, or make sly deals. However, players can be as shady as they want, as there are no jail cards that lock them away in this game. Be the first to collect three properties (tactfully or not) in different colors to become the Monopoly Deal champion!

    Number of players: 2–5

    Promising review: "A fun and easy to learn a variation of the Monopoly game. What's neat is that you can get a decent game finished in about 10–15 minutes, instead of the soul-draining hours that regular Monopoly can take to play. The game doesn't take long to learn and there are a number of strategies that you can learn to beat the other players. The cards can quickly change the scope of the game and the tables can turn on a player who is winning. It's a lot of fun, even for younger players." —Inquisitive Guereza

    Price: $6.94

    3. Never Have I Ever, the greatest way to learn about your friends' poor life decisions and shameful moments.


    What happens in the game... stays in the game.

    How to play: Each player is dealt ten play cards and the rule cards are put in a pile on the table. The player beginning the game picks a rule card and reads the directions aloud for the other players. The rule card dictates the game and all players have to follow what the rule card says. If the player(s) are guilty of the play card's actions, they get to keep it. The player who gets ten play cards first (in other words, the raunchiest person) wins!

    Number of players: 4–12

    Promising review: "I played this at a Christmas party with my friends and we had a great time, doubling over with laughter mixed with 'omg' moments. There were so many things we shared in that room that will also NOT leave that room. Fair warning: Some of the choices are a 17+ rating so keep that in mind if you want to play with a mixed crowd. The rules are simple and it is a great game!" —LolaFlowers

    Price: $24.95

    Already own it? Check out the expansion packs!

    4. Exploding Kittens, the game that identifies itself as being "similar to UNO except there are goats, magical enchiladas, and kittens that can kill you."

    Amazon / Via

    Did we mention it's the most-backed Kickstarter project to date?!

    How to play: Players take turns drawing cards, hoping that they do not draw an exploding kitten that eliminates them from the game. If a player has a defuse card and draws an exploding kitten, they can distract the kitten with ridiculous options such as cat yoga and laser pointers to stay in the game. Players also play other types of cards to avoid elimination, such as cards to skip their turn, attack other players, or even *secretly* move around exploding kitten cards. The player who has eliminated all their rivals and avoided the cute-but-dangerous kittens is the winner!

    Number of players: 2–5, or up to 9 players with 2 decks

    Promising review: "I got this for my teenage daughter, and it was both well-received and well-played! This is a quirky, funny, and flexible game that beats the hell out of any electronic games you might be considering as a gift. This little card game provides actual interaction in a light and funny way, plus allows a high amount of silly randomness in the way it's played. Very fun, and fine for 2–4 people. If you want a version for a bigger group, then I'd recommend getting the Imploding Kittens expansion pack. Don't worry, no actual kittens were harmed in the making of this game. Several kittens did barf rainbows, however." —K. Jensen

    Price: $19.99

    5. Cards Against Humanity, where being anything less than humane is how you'll win the game.

    Amazon / Via

    How to play: One player judges each round. The judge selects a black card and flips it over for all other players to see. This exposes a kooky phrase that needs to be answered or completed. The other players pick their best/funniest response (white card) for the judge to read. Anything goes in this game, so pick your wackiest, dirtiest cards to be the *chosen* one every round! The person who collects the most black cards is the winner of the game!

    Number of players: 3–8

    Promising review: "Cards Against Humanity is a great adult game that is sure to give you and those you play with a lot of laughs! This game has been great for smaller or bigger get-togethers and we always have a lot of fun while playing. I also love how they have expansion packs to mix the game up as well. The game is very easy to learn and play. This is a game that's dirty, raunchy, and can get awkward yet hilarious. This is not a game for those who can't let their hair down and have a good time. But for those of us who can, this is totally worth it and provides hours of entertainment and laughter! —CDR

    Price: $25

    6. Apples To Apples, the game that's bound to have the whole family laughing to to their *core*.


    Like an innocent version of Cards Against Humanity!

    How to play: The judge picks their favorite red card response to the word on their selected green card. Create knee-slapping combinations to be the first person to collect five green cards and win the game!

    Number of players: 3–10

    Promising review: "Such a fun and amusing game. Your stomach will be hurting after playing this game! My mom and her boyfriend enjoyed the game so much, that I needed to purchase the game for them as a gift! Such a great game and hoping to purchase the Apples to Apples Jr. version for the 9-year-old and 10-year-old we have in our household, so we can play as a family." —C. Haacke

    Price: $23.27

    7. What Do You Meme you've never played this card game before?

    Amazon / Via

    How to play: Each round the judge plays a photo card. The remaining players pick their favorite caption card to correspond and create the funniest meme. The judge picks their favorite chuckle-worthy combination to decide the winner of the round. Pick a card, create a meme, laugh, repeat!

    Number of players: 3–20

    Promising review: "This game is hilarious and many of the cards are raunchier than Cards Against Humanity. I have played this with family, friends, and coworkers (be sure they won't report you to Human Resources ha ha) and everyone has been grossed out, laughed until they cried or peed their pants, personally related to the meme or the card, etc. I can't wait to buy the expansion packs!" —M. Johnson

    Price: $29.97

    8. Phase 10, a game so fun that it won't *phase* you when 10 hours have gone by since you started playing.


    How to play: Phase 10 is a Rummy-type game with a compelling twist. Players compete each round to complete each phase (a combination of runs or sets). When a player gets rid of all their cards, the round ends. If a player didn't complete the phase before the round ended, they try again in the next round. The players who did, however, complete the round's phase challenge advance to the next phase. The person to complete all 10 phases first will be the winner!

    Number of players: 2–6

    Promising review: "I love this game and so does everyone I play it with. It's Rummy-style, but with a twist. It is simple enough that younger kids can play, but challenging enough that the adults can get a kick out of it too. If you combine multiple decks and get a large group playing it can be super fun. It's also a great two player game. It is not necessary to have more than two to make the game fun, which means it's a great alternative to a Netflix night with the spouse." —Tiffany Bird

    Price: $4.99

    9. Five Crowns, the game you'll want to be *crowned* the winner of!


    How to play: The game comes with a special double deck of cards that has five suits: stars, diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs. The first round, the players are dealt three cards, and therefore 3s are wild. The next round, players are dealt four cards and 4s are wild, and so forth. Players pick and discard cards each round with the goal of putting down all the books (three cards of the same number but different suits) or sets (three cards of the same number in the same suit) in their hand. After one player gets rid of all their cards, the remaining players count their cards to get their score for that round. The game doesn't end until the kings go wild! The person with the lowest score at the end of all the rounds wins.

    Number of players: 2–7

    Promising review: "We have gotten hooked on this card game. It is fun and always have to keep one your toes or you might lose out on a wild card. It has become our new favorite card game. I encourage people to buy this if they love playing games." —Kitty

    Price: $11.99

    10. Sushi Go, where you actually need to scream "Sushi go!" to get the game *rolling*.


    How to play: To begin the game, every player gets a handful of cards. Each player selects one card and puts it face-down on the table. One player screams "SUSHI GO!" to o-fish-ally begin the sushi madness. Players turn their cards over and pass their hand to the player on their left. Players pick a card from their new hand to make matching sets of the highest point value, pass the cards again, and repeat until all the cards are gone. The person with the most points after three rounds wins the game!

    Number of players: 3–5, however, if you want to play with more than 5 players, check out Sushi Party Go!

    Promising review: "I absolutely adore Sushi Go! From the precious little sushis (look at that blushing wasabi! Who knew sushi could be cute?!), to yelling 'Sushi Gooooo!!!!,' this game is a gem! Buy it — you won't be disappointed!" —Leiluni

    Price: $8.59

    11. Codenames, a game that'll have you channeling your inner spy-kid.


    How to play: Players break into two teams, blue and red, and nominate a spymaster. The spymasters know the real names of 25 secret agents and give one-worded clues to direct their teams to various words on the table to reveal them. Each team attempts to guess words of their color while avoiding words that belong to the opposing team, and most importantly avoiding the assassin. The two teams use their detective skills to see who can unveil the real names of all their secret agents first!

    Number of players: 2–8

    Promising review: "This might be the best game I have played since Cards Against Humanity. This is a great game for people that know each other, or a great icebreaker for those who don't. You can be as literal or as creative as you'd like with your descriptions. Unlike other games with cards, the possibilities of card layouts are nearly infinite so you don't have to toss it just because you play it often. At least three other people have bought this game after playing it with us. If you enjoy 'thinking outside the box' this is definitely a game for you." —Kristine R.

    Price: $14.88

    12. Quiddler, the perfect game to prove that you're a human dictionary.


    How to play: The game begins with players being dealt three cards. Each round, the number of cards dealt increases until players are dealt ten cards. Players use the cards in their hand to create the highest-scoring word(s). The person with the most points at the end of all the rounds wins, so players want to use double letter cards and take advantage of bonuses. Unleash the word nerd in you!

    Number of players: 2–8

    Promising review: "After playing with family and friends a few weeks ago I caved to buy my own. Quiddler is a fun game that can be a quick few rounds or go until the last man is standing. You can keep it clean and play with the kids. Think of it as Scrabble without the tiles! Or when it's just the adults, maybe it's more then just the words found in Webster's that's allowed for game play. Worth the investment for anyone who is a fan of fun games for a group." —Jill B.

    Price: $11.67

    13. Cover Your A$$ets, which will let you pretend you have fancy things for a hot minute.


    How to play: The goal of the game is to become the first millionaire. Each player tries to make matching sets by drawing cards to match the cards in their hand. Gold and Silver are wild cards that can be use to complete pairs OR steal people's assets. Other players can steal opponents' assets, but players can protect themselves by using certain cards or battling to keep them. Once the draw pile runs out and the players have no cards left in their hands, asset points are tallied. Play as many rounds as needed until someone hits the $1M jackpot. (Warning: This does not mean you are a millionaire IRL.)

    Number of players: 2–6 (the game is best with 4–6 players and if playing with 2–3 players, deal five cards instead of four!)

    Promising review: "I love this game! It is so interactive and unpredictable. This is great for a bigger group of people and only takes a few minutes to teach newbies. You can definitely employ strategy in this game but that being said new players can win too. Our teenage kids loved playing it over the Christmas break and when we introduced it to the larger family at our Christmas gathering, they loved it too! The part I love the most is that it's really interactive with the other players and everyone gets into it... after all none of us like getting stuff stolen from us... until we get to steal it back!" —J. Friesen

    Price: $12.99

    Get on orderin' these card games for your next game night! Hopefully it doesn't end like this...

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