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The Definitive Ranking Of "Gossip Girl" Characters


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60. Jenny Humphrey

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Even when she was sweet "Little J" she was annoying. But by the time she turned into "gothic barbie," she managed to destroy Nate and Serena's, and Blair and Chuck's relationships. We're so thankful for Momsen's music career only because it got her wretched character off the show.

59. Beatrice Grimaldi

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Irrelevant and annoying, Beatrice tried to ruin Blair's chance at happiness. While we agree that the marriage will likely be a disaster, Beatrice gained no sympathy.

58. Maureen Vanderbilt

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Yet another lady who tried to save yet another doomed relationship, while managing to irritate us all. Her attempts at manipulation and power were weak in comparison to the rest of the show.

56. William van der Woodsen

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Aside from abandoning Serena and Eric, he also slummed it with Ivy in an attempt to win back Lily. And we are all supposed to be okay with him succeeding? You're the Jack Donaghy we never wanted.

55. Asher Hornsby

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With possibly the grossest last name on the show, Asher was also a real dick. Hiding his love for Eric in an attempt to help the social-climbing Jenny ranks him low on this list.

51. Bart Bass

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Bart Bass was Satan. We thought we got rid of him in Season 2, but leave it to Bart to pop up alive in some haunted mansion orgy. Melodramatic, viciously cold, and attempted murderer of his own son—need I say more? And if you didn't laugh when he fell off the roof, you take the show way too seriously.

50. Jordan Steele

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You're probably trying to remember who this character is, so let me refresh your memory: she's the one who hooked up with Nate on his trip to Yale. Jordan might be the most obscure character in the sense that she never really caused any drama.

49. Anne Archibald

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If you can't already tell, the parents on this show are the worst. Anne always looked neurotic and was willing to blame anyone but her husband for his obvious crimes. Nate deserves better, Anne.

48. Aaron Rose

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Serena had a lot of horrible boyfriends, but Aaron had to have been the worst. Slimy, gross, and without a personality, Aaron just managed to cause drama. His only saving grace is his father.

46. Carol Rhodes

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She hired an actress to be her daughter in order to get more access to the family checkbook, which ultimately backfired. Classic Rhodes girl. At least Krysten Ritter played her in a flashback.

45. Damien Daalgard

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What do you mean the kid from "Air Bud" is a drug dealer? Damien has a fair amount of good one-liners, but other than that, he was just another troubled rich kid with unreasonable issues with the main characters.

44. Nelly Yuki

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Once endearing and awkward, Nelly Yuki becomes a journalist with a vendetta against Blair. As if destroy her chances at admission to Yale wasn't enough, she had to side with Poppy Lifton, of all people, in Season 6.

43. Sage Spence

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Nate's relationship with seventeen year-old Sage always creeped us out. And while her attempts at revenge were cute, they were no match for seasoned veterans, Serena and Blair. She's also a repeat fedora offender.

42. Steven Spence

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Another Spence, another huge age-gapped relationship — only this time, Serena is involved. Sure he was nice, but he was too much of a dad to handle the drama of the Upper East Side.

41. Diana Payne

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Diana "Payne in my butt" AMIRIGHT? Just kidding, but still Diana managed to run a brothel of sorts, date Nate, and coerce with Bart Bass. Props for getting so involved, but she was just another product of the ridiculous drama of Season 5.

40. Marcus Beaton

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Otherwise known as "The Lord" by Blair, Marcus was involved in arguably the best episode of Gossip Girl (Season 2, Episode 1). The accent switch he pulls in the episode is predictable, but classic. Points lost for hooking up with his step mom.

37. Jonathan Whitney

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Jonathan was an overall annoyance on the show and certainly not good enough for Eric. He also whined too much when Jenny's minions egged him. Get over it. Happens all the time in the Upper East Side.

35. Ivy Dickens

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Ivy Dickens was the character we all wanted to love, but never did. When we found out she was a con artist, it was enough to want this character to disappear. And the image of her cuddling with Rufus is still vomit-inducing.

34. Scott Rosson

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Rufus and Lily's love child was very forgettable for both the audience, and Dan and Serena as well. He always meant well, which is rare in the "Gossip Girl" world.

33. Vanessa Abrams

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Vanessa had the worst style of anyone on the show and always managed to mess things up for superior characters — So annoying. We are blessed she left the show after Season 4.

31. Raine Thorpe

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Raina's role on the show is irrelevant, but she always looked gorgeous and managed not to annoy anyone too much. Also, points awarded for having to tolerate a terrible father.

30. Headmistress Queller

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Queller brings back the nostalgia of better seasons of "Gossip Girl." She tries her best to handle the girls of St. Jude and seems to be the only sane adult.

29. Jack Bass

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Jack Bass had great quips, witty comebacks, and the Bass family name, but his incessant need to destroy his nephew got old quickly. Luckily he redeemed himself in the last season.

28. Louis Grimaldi

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Before he turned evil and brought in a horrible dowry plot line, Louie had some good qualities. There was a point where he thought he was right for Blair, which earns him a mediocre spot on this list. After all, he is a prince.

24. Eva Coupeau

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She was the roadblock to Blair and Chuck's happiness, but you have to respect her as a person. She took in a homeless Chuck, remained by his side through hardship, and loved him unconditionally. But let's be honest, that isn't any fun.

20. Lily van der Woodsen

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Lily is the OG of the Upper East Side with her conniving and deceitful ways. However, her old tricks get annoying and her drama detracts from the story lines we actually want to see.

19. Tripp van der Bilt

The CW / Via

Aaron Tveit playing Nate's hot cousin? What could go wrong? Apparently a lot, seeing as he left Serena in a car crash and then tries to kill Nate a couple of seasons later.

18. Carter Baizen

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Carter started off as a con artist. Then, somehow, he turned it around, becoming morally superior to nearly everyone on the show by the time he accepts his sentence on a Texan oil rig? Gossip Girl's character development is weird but you can't question it too much.

16. Colin Forrester

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Colin was the super hot professor Serena hooked up with for a semester, but then decided to ditch the show when he found out Juliet drugged her. Colin is the one that got away.

12. Cece Rhodes

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Cece is ranked highly on this list because, ultimately, she was right: Dan was not a match for Serena. You have to respect Cece for being a queen and stirring up drama from below the grave.

11. Eleanor Waldorf

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While Harold is the #1 Dad, Eleanor is the #1 Mom. Aside from her crappy parenting at the beginning of the show, Eleanor really turned around and became very supportive. She also stayed out of most of the super boring parent drama (*cough* Rufus and Lily *cough*).

10. Dan Humphrey

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Dan barely sneaks his way into the top ten. The show would be nowhere without him and he is the ultimate insider, but the character is destroyed in the last two seasons. He is manipulative, cold, and judging by his hair, sort of disgusting.

9. Georgina Sparks

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Georgina is the villain we love to hate, and whenever she turns up, the episodes get better. Georgina Sparks is committed to plotting like no other character, which is saying a lot.

5. Nate Archibald

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Nate is a gorgeous human being and so kind. He's the only one to never send in a tip to "Gossip Girl," and he's adorably dim-witted. His screen time and story lines grow less and less significant as the show goes on.

3. Serena van der Woodsen

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"Gossip Girl" is Serena's show in the end. She's always the "it girl," and it starts and ends with her. Despite all her boy troubles being tiring, she's always a fashion icon and the center of the good drama.

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