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11 Scott Disick Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

But it's Lord Disick to you.

1. "I didn't buy the piano to play it, I bought it because it looks nice."

2. "Thank god, you would have never been able to afford it."

3. "A Tuxedo."

4. "You don't respect my religion. I don't respect your outfit."

5. "Kim is in for the night, which means so is my penis."

6. "You just really make me want to go to KMART and get a gun."

7. "I'm a big star. I don't need to be dealing with your peasants."

8. "Lord Disick, Bitch."

9. "Isn't she always?"

10. "No, I don't give a fuck."

11. "It's Todd Kraines!"