18 Perfect Products Every Writer Will Want Immediately

Write on.

1. This Fitzgerald quote for when you need a little push:

Get it here for $14.56.

2. These letter-shaped journals:

Get any letter or an ampersand here for $19.99 each.

3. This mug for the next John Green:

Get it here for $15.

4. These travel-size literary notebooks:

Get them here for $15.

5. This tote with a powerful Hemingway quote:

Get it here for $8.

6. These pencils with the greatest debate of all time:

Get them here for $9.

7. This candle inspired by Edgar Allen Poe:

Get it here for $21, and find the whole Library Collection here.

8. This calligraphy pen necklace:

Get it here for $25.99.

9. This super rad wireless typewriter keyboard:

Get it here for $399.

10. This print that just wants you to sit down and start writing:

Get it here for $11.87.

11. This mug to put in front of your laptop at any given time:

Get it here for $12.96.

12. This wallpaper with every great writer:

Get it here for $59 per square meter.

13. This adjustable punctuation cuff for the writer that always knows when to use a semicolon:

Get it here for $15.

14. This typewriter pillow case with the ideal image of your desk:

Get it here for $29.59.

15. This freedom of speech T-shirt:

Get it here for $24.

16. This mug with the greatest last lines from literature:

Get it here for $13.95.

17. This book filled with ideas to spur a still mind:

Get it here for $16.95.

18. And finally, this simple poster with the ultimate motivation:

Get it here for $5.

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