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    8 Reasons To Vote In Arlington Virginia

    Are you lucky enough to live in Arlington? And you've got opinions, right? Then you should be voting in the upcoming elections. Here's why...

    **Katie Cristol is one of two Democratic nominees running for two open seats on the Arlington County Board in the election on November 3rd**

    1. It's FUN!

    See???? Pretty fun. And it turns out, there's more important things than burritos.

    2. Democrats Could Become Minority On County Board

    3. Housing Is Getting Less Affordable

    4. Because You Need Options Getting From A To B

    5. Child Care Costs Are Rising

    6. Over 50% Of Arlington Is Under 35

    7. Women Need A Strong Voice In Arlington

    8. You Care About More Than Just Brown Flip Flops And Bar Crawls

    And if you... you know... were wondering who to vote for