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    8 Reasons To Vote In Arlington Virginia

    Are you lucky enough to live in Arlington? And you've got opinions, right? Then you should be voting in the upcoming elections. Here's why...

    **Katie Cristol is one of two Democratic nominees running for two open seats on the Arlington County Board in the election on November 3rd**

    1. It's FUN!

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    We'll prove it.

    1. What's the best burrito in Arlington?

      We KNOW you've got an opinion. Vote below.

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    What's the best burrito in Arlington?
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      Pedro & Vinny's
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      El Charrito
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      District Taco

    See???? Pretty fun. And it turns out, there's more important things than burritos.

    2. Democrats Could Become Minority On County Board

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    Arlington voted 70% for Obama, but this election could swing the majority of our County Board away from Democrats. We need progressive values - diversity, educational opportunity and environmentalism - in local government, not just the White House.

    3. Housing Is Getting Less Affordable

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    Nearly two in five Arlington renters surveyed last year anticipate being forced out of the community in the next five years. Keeping Arlington affordable not only means a more livable day-to-day for Arlingtonians, but it also helps attract business and employers when they see a diverse city that can support every part of a new business.

    4. Because You Need Options Getting From A To B

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    We love getting out of our cars and biking, walking and public transit-taking everywhere in Arlington. All those good transportation options didn't happen by accident - and now we have to plan and invest in transit for the next few decades to make sure we stay "the suburb of the future."

    5. Child Care Costs Are Rising

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    It's 25-33% more expensive to have a kid in childcare in Arlington, than in other parts of Virginia. Arlington sets the quality of child care standard for Virginia, but we have to address the burden its uniquely high costs place on our young families.

    6. Over 50% Of Arlington Is Under 35

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    And Arlingtonians ages 25-34 are the County's fastest growing demographic. But under-35 Arlingtonians are completely unrepresented in our current government, and Arlington's not doing much to bring in the brainpower and expertise of its young professionals.

    7. Women Need A Strong Voice In Arlington

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    Our County Board has real influence on women's lives. Whether it's a community response to sexual assault, or inclusive zoning for women's health centers, women's issues are Arlington issues - and we need leaders who get it.

    8. You Care About More Than Just Brown Flip Flops And Bar Crawls

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    So prove it and REGISTER TO VOTE!!! Give a google to "register to vote in Virginia" and make sure your voice is heard in this year's County Board elections by October 13th, 2015. And see you at the polls on November 3rd!

    And if you... you know... were wondering who to vote for

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