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8 Reasons Why Bagels Are Better Than Boyfriends

This one goes out to the single girls who love their bread and butter.

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1) You Can Eat Them / Via

I bet your bf will be there 4 u when u are sad but what about when your belly is aching for some sweet doughy deliciousness? I don't think any man could satisfy that craving the way a bagel can, because like, if you tried to bite your bf he'd probably break up with you. but not a bagel, they are open to this kind of experimentation.

2) They Will Always Be There In The Morning / Via

You know in those movies where the guy comes over and then leaves at like, 3 am because he needs to be home because he has work in the morning or yada yada. well this aint no lie, if you put a bagel next to your bed at night when you go to sleep it is a guarantee he will be there for you when you wake up in the morning. Bae(gal) wouldn't miss that morning drool for the world xoxo.

3) You Can Stuff Them In Your Purse When "No Boys Allowed" / Via

Every girl needs time with her BFFs, without the boyfriend around. Well if you had a boyfriend you would have to constantly decide which nights are for BFFs and which nights are for BFs. With Bae(gals) you can stuff them in your purse and get the best of both worlds. When your BFFs aren't looking you can whisper sweet nothings into that knapsack of love and keep the passion flowing all night long, no interruptions.

4) You Never Have to Have a LDR / Via

Long Distance Relationships can be tough when your boyfriend lives in a different state. Bagels travel with you though because you can find them in any grocery store. that is so sweet of them right, to be there for you wherever you go. you travel the world sweet thang, your bagel bae will be right there waiting for you to buy him.

5) They Are Models Legit My Mouth is Watering Rn / Via

Plz take a minute to admire the fluffy swirls of that cream cheese, evenly layered on the soft skinned goodness of the bottom half. did you ever think you would be dating a male model as good looking as this?? honestly that's all i have to say.

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