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Is Online Storage Right For Your Business?

If you're responsible for taking care of information technology operations for a Small-Medium Business (SMB), you've probably already had to listen to more than your fair share about the supposedly glorious benefits of cloud computing and how it can dramatically cut operating costs. In fact, it even seems that some salespeople peddling cloud-computing services will even go so far as to suggest that on-premises setups are destined for extinction in all but the most niche environments.

Katie Brown One year ago

Amazing People: Five Super Smart Stars

Famous actors and singers seem very different from the rest of us. We might even view them as shallow and only capable of imitating other people on camera or delivering a mind-numbingly great riff that ends up inspiring air guitarists around the world. Happily, there are a surprising number of artistic types throughout history and to the present day that possess phenomenal IQs, academic degrees up the wazoo, and secret skills you'd never have guessed. Consider these:

Katie Brown One year ago

How To Step Up And Become An Influencer

To a small business, influencers represent powerful marketing opportunities. They can extend your reach far beyond what your company could currently achieve. However, influencers don't always have to come from outside the business. Becoming one yourself has numerous benefits, from developing your personal brand to boosting the company's brand.

Katie Brown 2 years ago

An Essential Guide To Being Your Own Boss

Being your own boss can be wonderful, but also difficult. Today we have with us Freddie Figgers, who at 22 became America’s youngest CEO of a telecommunications company. His company ‘Figgers Communication’ manufactures safe cellphones that automatically turn on and off in a moving vehicle. This brilliant entrepreneur will share with us a few tips to being your own boss.

Katie Brown 2 years ago

When The Doctor Owes You Money

Understanding how it becomes possible for your doctor to owe you money is the first step in finding out whether or not he does. In fact, perhaps even your dentist owes you money. Wouldn't it be better to put that cash into your pocket?

Katie Brown 2 years ago

The Anatomy Of Car Parts

For those of you who phased through the driving exams without paying too much attention may find it a little useful to know what goes under the hood of your car.

Katie Brown 2 years ago

Self-Care Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

If you’ve finally managed to be your own boss, you know that the road is all but easy. The drive to be successful can easily become an obsession, with the dream to reach our goals being at the forefront of every decision. But that’s not always a good thing. Neglecting your physical and mental health is not going to help your business. Burn-out is a real problem and you’ll eventually reach your limit if you burn the stick at both ends forever.

Katie Brown 2 years ago