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You Know You're In DanceWorksNYC When...

Because what would we do without DanceWorks? Nothing good.

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When you wake up the next morning after tryouts and you can’t move your body:

When you think you’re cool enough to try out for the hip hop dance and in your head you look like this:

But let's be honest. You really look like this:

(rull good.)

When the choreographer says it is more important to "show emotion" than to get the steps right during your audition:

But you're all like:

When the choreographer says to do a few counts of “improv” during tryouts and you know you got this:

When you want to be in too many dances and you don’t know which ones to pick:

When the thought of being back on stage gets you this excited:

When we found out that rehearsals were in Astoria and at first we were all like:

But then we saw how nice the studios were:

When Lisa says we will all be best friends, at first we're like:

But five minutes later we're obviously all like:

When we are in between seasons:

But the new season is right around the corner and we just can't contain ourselves:

When your excuse to leave work early is to go hang out with your dance frans and you're all like byeee:

When pretending to be a part of Center Stage becomes REAL for a few hours every week:

When you are in your twenties and you still get your parents and friends to go to your dance recital and they’re all like:

When you are with your dance frans and you hear your song:

And no matter where you are, you're all like 5-6-7-8!

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