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There's An Awesome New Web Series About Your Quarter-Life Crisis: "CTRL.ALT.DEL"

"Like a clever cross between 'Girls' and 'Sex and the City'... but darker."

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"CTRL.ALT.DEL" is a dark comedy that follows Carson, a free-spirited twenty-something entrenched in her quarter-life-crisis.


She has no job, no passion and seemingly no direction in her life, and her relationship with her live-in, uptight journalist boyfriend, Reed, is tense, to say the least.

The pilot episode "Pull Your Weight" starts with an argument between Carson and Reed, who complains that all she does is sit around making videos for her Vlog all day while he's stuck paying her share of the rent.


Carson goes on to land a job as a casting assistant for Aggie Carter, a sharp-tongued, intimidating entertainment mogul who throws Carson headfirst into the cutthroat world of auditions.

While Carson is constantly plagued by misfortune and chaos, she is always surrounded by colorful people who help light the way towards her personal success and growth. Carson documents her journey on her vlog, and her YouTube channel ends up gaining a much larger audience than intended. With every step she takes, we watch the chaos unfold along with the entire world. Carson is the reflection of truth that some of the most wonderful things can still flourish in darkness. While she may not have it all figured out, she has the tenacity that carries her to surprisingly high places.

If you feel like you recognize Carson, she's played by Gabrielle Christian, or Spencer from South of Nowhere.

Ash Lendzion, who plays Aggie, was recently in Spring Breakers.

Here she is with friend Heather Morris (Brittany from Glee) at a screening of Spring Breakers.


The director of "CTRL.ALT.DEL," Kendra Doshier, graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, last year and is already making a name for herself in L.A. On top of co-writing, producing and directing "CTRL.ALT.DEL," she is also an associate producer for the show Dish Nation.

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In order to film the rest of Season One, Doshier and her team need to raise $16,447. That is the exact amount they need for production, down to the dollar.

Every single penny is going towards day rates for our talented, hard-working cast and crew, equipment rentals (cameras, lights, grip), location fees, professional sound mixing, editing and grading, and food for production days to keep everyone awake, energized, and happy.

They have currently raised $10,420 with 190 backers. With 9 DAYS LEFT, they need roughly $6,000.


If you like what you see, consider backing CTRL.ALT.DEL at Kickstarter, where you can also learn more about the show.

Also, check out CTRL.ALT.DEL's Facebook page, where you can see behind the scenes and extra fun like this:

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