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    The Songs On "Red" By Taylor Swift Ranked, From Worst To Best

    Making this list was treacherous...

    Hi! I love Taylor Swift and, specifically, I love Red. I've been listening to this album pretty much nonstop since it came out, so I feel somewhat qualified to attempt the daunting task of ranking its songs. So... here it goes!

    16. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

    a man in a denim shirt stands behind a girl who wears long-sleeved button up pajamas. she wears thick rimmed glasses, both hands up with palms facing forward, mouth open wide as if mid-singing. her eyes are wide
    Big Machine

    I'm sorry. I like this song a lot, but the other songs on Red are so good that the low ranking of this song can't be helped. You understand, right?

    15. "Sad Beautiful Tragic"

    a woman with bangs and shoulder-length hair has wide eyes and an open mouth in an o shape. she holds her hands in prayer position, covering her mouth from her chin to her nose.

    I'm going to get a LOT of hate for this one, but I just never really connected with "SBT." Lyrically great, but musically...kinda boring!

    14. "I Knew You Were Trouble"

    a woman with bangs and shoulder-length hair stands in a field in front of mountains. she has her mouth open, mid-song, looking to the left. she wears a t shirt and long necklace, and left arm is bent in front of her holding her right arm
    Big Machine

    A catchy banger for sure, but not as good as the rest of Red. It's just the truth. 

    13. "The Last Time" (ft. Gary Lightbody)

    a woman with shoulder length hair and bangs pushed to the side wears a halter dress. her mouth is in an o shape as if shocked, eyes wide, looking to the left. she's on a late night tv show

    You know... it's a good song. Just the tiniest bit boring! Someone had to say it! 

    12. "22"

    a woman in a brimmed had and t-shirt that says not a lot going on at the moment has her hand on her hip, other hand bent and facing outward. she looks down at her nails, mouth slightly open
    Big Machine

    ICONIC!!! And truly so much fun! It's catchy, and I love her consistent use of "not a lot going on at the moment" to this day. Taylor single-handedly gave meaning to the 22nd birthday. Amazing. 

    11. "I Almost Do"

    a girl with very long curly hair looks down, brows furrowed, mouth pursed. she looks like she is going to cry
    Big Machine

    Poor Adam from Owl City... he deserved better than being ghosted by T-Swift. Love her still, obviously. Sorry, Adam. 

    10. "Everything Has Changed" (ft. Ed Sheeran)

    a man wearing a long sleeve shirt and thick rimmed glasses is singing next to a woman wearing a long sleeved shirt and high waisted shorts. they are both singing together at the same time
    Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

    I love Ed and Taylor's friendship, and I love this song. It doesn't hit hard, but it is a fun time. I wouldn't mind another collab in the future. 

    9. "Holy Ground"

    a woman in a lace overshirt with a black tank top sings into a microphone looking to the right, eyes wide and mouth open as if singing. her teeth are showing

    What can I say? It's a sweet, mature take on an old relationship — and I love it. 

    8. "The Lucky One"

    a woman with shoulder length hair and bangs pushed to the side sings into a microphone, teeth showing

    Okay, this song is fantastic! Taylor has always been wise beyond her years, and it shows in this song. Just *chef's kiss* 

    7. "Starlight"

    a woman in a sparkly thigh-length dress and high heels stands in front of a screen that looks like it's a wall of ice. she sings into a microphone, one arm bent but the height of her shoulder, palm facing outward

    It physically pains me to not give "Starlight" a higher ranking, but it had to be done. This song makes ME want to meet Bobby on the boardwalk, dance all night, and dream impossible things. This song sparkles. 

    6. "Stay Stay Stay"

    a woman with bangs and a messy ponytail sits in a chair on a late night talk show. she is shrugging, mouth lopsided, teeth slightly showing, eyes almost closed

    Just... the definition of adorable. Fun fact: When Taylor was on the Red tour, she changed the lyric "football helmet" to the mascot of whatever stadium she was in!

    5. "Treacherous"

    a woman with bangs and shoulder-length hair sits on a wooden stool on a large stage. she sings into a microphone while playing her guitar, looking down at it
    Chris Mcgrath / Getty Images


    4. "Red"

    a woman sings into a standing microphone, arm out in front of her like she is driving an imaginary car. her hand is almost entirely in front of her face but you can see that she is mid-singing

    Taylor's title tracks aren't always my favorites, but this one definitely stands out. 

    3. "State of Grace"

    a woman with shoulder length curly hair plays a banjo in front of a standing microphone. she's surrounded by men who are in her band, who are also singing and playing guitar.
    Getty Images

    This is where it starts to get hairy, because the top three here are probably my favorite Taylor songs EVER. "State of Grace" is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. If you don't agree, then I'm sorry, but you need to get your priorities straight! 

    2. "Begin Again"

    a girl with shoulder length curly hair and bangs pushed to the side. she stands in front of a palace, wearing a flowy dress, twirling in it. she is looking down at the dress
    Big Machine

    This song is lyrically incredible, and it ends the album on a much-needed note of hope. Plus, the music video is everything I want in life. 

    1. "All Too Well"

    a woman in a long dress with lacy sleeves sits upon a large stage. she is throwing her head back, hair flowing, hands on a piano.
    Nicky Loh/TAS / Getty Images

    Are you surprised?! Call me cliche, but "All Too Well" is a fan favorite for a reason. There's nothing more cathartic than screaming "AND YOU CALL ME UP AGAIN JUST TO BREAK ME LIKE A PROMISE" in the middle of the night... or anytime. Now if we could just get our hands on that 10-minute long version...

    Do you agree or disagree with my ranking? Let me know in the comments below!