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Feeling Distressed? I Can Help!

Tips for distressing painted furniture and home decor accessories.

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Gather Items And Paint All At One Time

Petticoat Junktion

Paint is just paint until distressed. Sanding the little details on painted furniture and home decor accessories adds depth and texture to flat paint. Over the years and hundreds of paint projects later I've learned a few things.

For paint that is hard to remove I dampen it with a wet rag and sometimes spray the piece with Simple Green. It all depends on how hard it is to distress the paint. After wiping the paint with a damp rag let it sit for a few minutes then distress with sandpaper.

Sometimes sanding will leave a hazy look on the paint. Applying a layer of thin wax should cover that up. Also if the wood has a raw look to it the wax will darken the wood a bit and give it a more natural look. My favorite budget wax is Howard’s.

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