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    • kathyp22

      Many cities in the UK have bye-laws that prohibit drinking in public, and the law is enforced because I’ve seen it happen. Not all the UK has fluoride in the water; Southampton in Hampshire doesn’t and dentists agree that it is not necessary. We do clean our teeth and visit the dentist regularly; we just like teeth that aren’t impossibly perfectly luminously white, althoughIhave noticed that some of our so-called ‘celebs’ are suddenly getting what we call ‘American’ teeth, because they are so obvious.
      Iagree with the date thing; I’ve never understood the US way! The British coin system is truly great.Icurrently live in France and all the euro coins look the same. Even the cashiers in the shops have to study them because they can’t tell them apart. It must be really difficult for the elderly and anyone with impaired vision. I’ll be back in the UK soon, hopefully,spending good old sterling.
      Ihate swearing (cursing) on TV whatever time of day or night it is. It makes me ashamed to be British.

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