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Crazes Which Every 90s Child Will Remember

Sorry parents, for bugging you to spend your well-earned money on these fads, but we just had to have them...

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Tunes/ Halls/ Lockets / Via

The joy of being allowed these in class meant you were always pretending to have a sore throat. And begging your friends for one when they had a pack and you didn't. Did they even taste that good?


At Home In Rome Flickr: athomeinrome / Via Flickr: athomeinrome

They didn't taste good, but they were so fun to make, and everyone had them so of course you had to as well. And when the pizza version came out? Too. Much. Excitement.

And Anything With The Spice Girls On / Via

Does it have the Spice Girls on it? Then I want it.

Stationary, chocolate bars, clothes, dolls, key rings, mugs, the list goes on. Oh, and you desperately wanted a Baby G Watch and you constantly ate chuppa chups. Anything to Spice Up Your Life.

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