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    20 Foods That We Lost Too Soon

    What we would do to be able to taste these again...

    1. Citrus Polos

    2. Mint Skittles

    3. 3D Doritos

    4. Mini Hoola Hoops

    5. Shakey Jake Milkshake

    6. Campino Sweets

    7. Panda Pops

    8. Cadbury's Marble

    9. Ben and Jerry's Fossil Fuel

    10. Ice Cream Flavour Chewits

    11. Heinz Baked Beans Pizza

    12. Starburst Joosters

    13. Cadbury Snaps

    14. Fruit Allsorts

    15. Cadbury Dream Eggs

    16. Flake Snow

    17. Bisc &...

    18. Cadbury's Fuse

    19. Different Coke Flavours

    20. Lucky Charms / Via

    Ok, we know you can buy them in the UK now, but £6 a box isn't ideal...