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New Tale For Abandoned Kitten

Bruce’s tale very nearly didn’t start at all. A year and a half ago the bedraggled one-day old kitten was alone on a footpath in the rain.

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Spotted on the ground

Bruce the Cat / Via Facebook: BruceTheKitten

Luckily he was spotted by a woman who was walking home from work. She took him home and fed him around the clock to keep him alive. The kitten was named after that other famous orphan, Bruce Wayne.

His story went viral

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The tiny kitten’s story went viral. He now has over 32,600 Facebook fans from all over the world who hang on his every photo and exploit – including getting to know his “big sister” Jager (also a rescue cat), and changing colour from grey to black.

Helping other cats and kittens in need

The Animal Rescue Network / Via Facebook: BruceTheKitten

Along with climbing trees and frolicking in the garden, Bruce now dedicates himself to raising awareness of other cats and kittens in need. Bruce has helped other cats like DeeDee (above) find forever homes.

Now Bruce is releasing a book

Bruce the Cat / Via Facebook: BruceTheKitten

Kathryn van Beek (Bruce’s human) has now written and illustrated a children’s picture book called Bruce Finds a Home.

The book, which is based on the story of how Bruce was found, encourages children to care for and be kind to animals.

The book supports The Animal Rescue Network, a charitable trust dedicated to helping stray and abandoned cats and kittens.

Could this be the cutest kitten video ever?

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Bruce is currently running a Kickstarter campaign which allows people to pre-order copies of the book. There’s a range of rewards for those who pledge, including custom illustrations and even Bruce’s pawtograph! You can find Bruce's Kickstarter page here.

Will Bruce reach his goal?

Bruce the Cat

The book is already 87% funded with two weeks of the four-week Kickstarter campaign still to run. We feel sure that Bruce will achieve his goal of releasing his book, supporting The Animal Rescue Network and encouraging children to be kind to animals.

Find out more about Bruce the Cat

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You can find out more about Bruce on his website.

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