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    • kathrynr4b1ee1846

      Yeah, I’m gonna add my voice to the chorus here taking exception to the headline of this article and the description of Quest University as “the best university in Canada.” The survey in question was done by the National Survey of Student Engagement http://www.macleans.ca/education/unirankings/nsse-survey-shows-student-satisfaction-levels-at-33-universities/. The survey reflects only “student satisfaction” which is not typically paramount in university rankings. Most of Canada’s top universities were not even included in the survey (McGill, University of Toronto, UBC and Queen’s are all absent from the 27 schools surveyed). I’ve been in the Canadian academic community for a long time and have never even heard of Quest. Secondly, it’s worth noting that Canada has a very different university system than the United States. Private universities and colleges are typically not as well-respected and not necessarily subject to the same oversight and scrutiny of university administrations as our public universities.  None of this is meant to dismiss what these women are reporting and the apparent negligence of Quest University in their response, but sloppy reporting like this devalues the story. You are doing these women a disservice. I totally support Buzzfeed’s foray into more serious journalism, but you can’t apply the same journalistic standards to serious stories that you do to a “Best Cats of 2013” list. You can do better, guys.

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