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How To Fail University On £107.33 A Month

The student guide to getting the least out of your academic experience.

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18. £5.99 on a Netflix Membership

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You can deal with the ad breaks on Spotify every few songs if it means you have more money to spend on baked beans but streaming American television shows online is driving you crazy.

Netflix is actually free for the first month anyway so you’ll just cancel your membership straight after then and it will be fine.

17. It's not long before you realize that you really do need to rewatch those first two seasons of "Sherlock" again though...

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and you've only just started season four of "Breaking Bad". You're sure one more month won't do any harm.

16. £6 on library fines

Sometimes collateral damage has to be taken. This is one of those times. When your essays due in in two days and the book you’ve quoted at least four times is already overdue it’s time to make hard decisions. You decide you’re going to have to suck it up and pay that 50p late fee.

13. And anyway, you’ve become an expert at pre-drinking.

Bridesmaids / Via

You've perfected that equilibrium point which allows you to stumble surreptitiously past the club bouncers whilst still being drunk enough to not buy anymore drinks inside.

11. £0 on a Mattress Topper

Mean Girls / Via

Okay, so you didn’t actually pay for this one. You were complaining about having a bad back and your parents offered to get you it. Saying no would have just been rude.

9. £21 on a gym membership

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So you definitely remember your GCSE science teacher saying that exercise is good for the brain. You congratulate yourself on your spark of genius and buy a membership. This way your grades will go up and you’ll be fit for summer.

6. £20 on “That new top you really wanted”.

You know that you’re meant to be spending this money on course books. You do. But you’re also pretty sure they’ll have the same text in the library. If they don’t you can always get up a vaguely wordy looking ebook on Project Gutenberg and pretend you found an internet copy.

5. Plus, this top is in the sale.


There’s at least a £2 markdown and you get another 10% off with your student discount and honestly, you’ll spend less on washing powder this week if you buy it.

4. £5 on Fancy Dress Costumes

CBS / Via

If you were doing Psychology you might suggest that students love fancy dress so much because they want to return to the comfort of childhood… actually, you think it’s just a reason to get even drunker than usual on a night that’s not Halloween.

3. You try your best to find things in your wardrobe...

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But with themes like “Something beginning with the fourth letter of your first name” or “Films Meryl Streep got an Academy Award for” it’s a big ask.

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