11 Celebrity Replies To Fans That You Definitely Need To See

If Guinness World Records awarded Celebrity Exchanges… this would be the list.

1. The Best Parental Guidance Counsellor: Russell Crowe

2. The Creepiest Instagram Exchange: James Franco

It’s a shame Franco didn’t take Russell Crowe’s tips on handling internet attention.

3. The Downright Good Guy: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Reddit user “CameOutSideways” wrote to Schwarzenegger on a reddit AmA:

“Your films got me through chemo dude. I was 12, I had non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I used to watch your movies religiously after my dad got me into them. I saw you as the chemo and the bad guys in the movies as the cancer. You always won and it made me feel good, coz in my head, you were kicking my lymphomas ass! Even the funny ones like Kindergarten Cop or Twins… It was my way of dealing with it all. I have seen every single one of your movies and documentaries. You are kind of a big deal in my family. Thanks for being awesome and making sweet films. I hope to meet you some day. It’s on my bucket list! I don’t have any questions. I’m just kinda stoked you might see this. Nothing but luv dude. From South London UK”

Schwarzenegger wrote a handwritten response,

4. The King of Sass: James Blunt

(James Blunt also wins Most Consistently Sassy Replier)

5. The Unexpected Job Offer: Snoop Lion

6. The Strangest Follow Back: North Korea, which follows three people… including a completely random guy from Austin, Texas.

Disclaimer: North Korea is a country not a celebrity.

7. The Rolling with the Punches Award: Rihanna

Almost all of Rihanna’s responses require censorship.

8. The Spelling Bee: Benedict Cumberbatch

9. The Downright Ridiculous: Cara Delevingne

10. The Most Like Their Character: Bryan Cranston

Reddit quickly picked up on the darker “Walter White” side to Cranston.

11. The Master of Puns: Zach Braff

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