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    18 Of The Weirdest Foods Couples Have Used During Foreplay

    They really wanted to spice things up.

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    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest foods they've used in the bedroom. Here are the strangest, funniest responses:

    1. "He said he always wanted to sit in a bowl of macaroni salad."

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    "So maybe about 11 years ago I was dating a guy who worked in a deli. He said he always wanted to sit in a bowl of macaroni salad. So for his birthday I bought a kiddie pool and 69 pounds of macaroni salad and thought it might be fun to play around in. He got inside the pool and realized that his fantasy wasn't really that great and we didn't get it on. Probably for the best. But I was a little disappointed."

    Submitted by lyzzsq

    2. "My girlfriend was super obsessed with bagels so she wanted us to french kiss through the hole."

    Submitted by Kathy W., Facebook

    3. "Honey. There was lots of honey everywhere on his private parts. It was sticky and fell everywhere. Don't use honey, ever."

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by jinanmortada1

    4. "No lie, my boyfriend loves deviled eggs so we split a bottle of wine and uh, they made an appearance."

    Submitted by noellew4baa216e5

    5. "My ex didn't have any ice cubes, so he substituted FROZEN CORN."

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    "My ex and I were getting frisky on a hot day, and wanted to bring ice cubes into the bedroom. Nothing too weird, right? Come to find out, we didn't have any, so he substituted FROZEN CORN. Trying to rub a frozen corn kernel on my nipples did absolutely nothing for me."

    Submitted by karak2

    6. "A banana. The peel went on the floor and the rest went exactly where you think it went. He had a banana fetish lol."

    Submitted by mistresdmandi1993

    7. "Grapefruit blowjob...what a weird experience."

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    "We found a grapefruit which was crazy big. Getting it on my boyfriend's penis proved difficult since I didn't cut the hole big enough. Pulp was everywhere. Juice was all over my face and a bitter taste lingered in my mouth. His privates were burning too. I think he enjoyed it. Hey ho."

    Submitted by regansmith1993

    8. "Once I ate mashed potatoes and gravy off of my boyfriend's nipples. I would do it again."

    Submitted by chnordgren

    9. "We experimented with Swedish Fish. And somehow we ended up eating an entire five pound bag at once. Now neither of us can smell them without getting nauseous."

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by kathleencg

    10. "We sprinkled sugar all over our bodies. It was so sweet! Though it did get stuck to our skin..."

    Submitted by lizardb1

    11. "I had no food except for rotten Greek yogurt, bacon and some honey..."

    "I got a little too drunk with my friend in college and we ended up sleeping together.To spice things up, we decided that we wanted to use whipped cream. Considering it was a college apartment, I had no food except for rotten Greek yogurt, bacon, and some honey. We coated ourselves in the sticky honey and had sex. When we woke up in the morning, our eyes were stuck shut, my sheets and wall were ruined, I even had to cut off 7 inches of my hair! We still laugh about it today, but it was rather traumatic."

    Submitted by amygohawksk

    12. "Gummy bears. I put some gummy bears on my body and he ate them. Then I did the same."

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by vikky

    13. "I discovered Cool Whip in a can sticks the best to the body."

    "My latest adventure with food in the bedroom was to celebrate our " sex-versary!" His favorite treat is an ice cream sundae! So with some practice beforehand, I discovered cool whip in a can sticks the best to the body! Cover your lovely lady bits in the whipped cream, top with a cherry and add a little chocolate flavored lubricant and you have yourself the best dessert you've ever had!

    Submitted by kendallt4d71fe6eb

    14. "I ate spaghetti and meat sauce off of a dude..."

    Submitted by CHNordgren

    15. "Italian bread, balsamic vinegar, and oil. Never again."

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by kk4peace

    16. "I've used pudding. And Mountain Dew."

    Submitted by izzyizz

    17. "Pizza. Not in a sexy way...I was just hungry while it was happening."

    Submitted by bigbec

    18. "A sausage, an actual sausage. He put it back in the fridge and his grandma ended up eating it."

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    Submitted by betsyj4c2771b8e

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