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21 Undeniable Signs You Grew Up In Westchester, New York

No, it's not Long Island.

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3. But you did make your way there when you road-tripped to the beach.

5. Crazy Friday nights were spent across the Tappan Zee Bridge at the Palisades Mall.

6. You also loved shopping at The Westchester and buying Juicy socks or something off the sale rack.

7. Your entire town would know about the shopping sales in stores and everyone would show up together.

10. You were also a regular at your local coffee and bagel shop, and knew Westchester bagels tasted better than the ones in the city.

11. You knew a friend who had their birthday party at Sportime USA.

12. School field trips were often to NYC, like going to a historic museum or seeing a Broadway play.

13. You had at least one friend who switched to a private school like Hackley or Ursuline.

19. You really looked forward to the days you could go to the bars in White Plains.

20. Nights were spent along the Hudson River, where you enjoyed the water and a view of NYC.

21. Wherever life takes you, you know that Westchester, New York, will always be your home.


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