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21 Times Shay Mitchell Was The Most Stylish Queen On Earth

She's just too glamorous to handle.

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1. When she wore this stunning garment and struck a captivating pose, turning this wall into a certified national monument.

2. When the sun's rays shined so bright and illuminated her golden necklace, which was probably hand-crafted by Zeus himself.

3. When she went hiking in these clothes and managed to look like a majestic unicorn prancing through an enchanted forest.

4. When her jumpsuit emitted a radiance so strong, she had to take a seat on a stool to handle it.

5. When she slayed in this jean vest and mesmerized only the entire human race.

6. When she wore this floral pattern and looked like a queen of the fairies, dancing in a mystical garden.

7. When she gracefully lied on a flamingo float in this bathing suit and glistened in the sun.

8. When she opened these doors and her low-key chic outfit made her look like absolute perfection in human form.

9. When she wore the most enchanting cover-up in existence and wings began to emerge from her back.

10. When she dressed head-to-toe in gold that probably came from an ancient treasure chest buried deep within a sparkling sea.

11. When she did this little dance in her fiery top and proved to all of mankind that her soul is the most powerful force on earth.

12. When she effortlessly rocked a suit with a cape and her superhuman style proved she must be from a galactic universe.

13. When she wore her hair like this and every baby in the world stopped crying.

14. When she showed off this silver disco skirt that was probably sewn by real life angels.

15. When she totally rocked a floppy hat, like a crown atop her head.

16. When she elegantly tied a jacket around her waist and didnt look like a mother chaperoning a third grade field trip.

17. When she wore these jeans and they had the most perfect amount of distress.

18. When the colors of her skirt manifested an illuminance so bright, they rid the world of darkness, pain and suffering.

19. When she wore these sunglasses, and a thousand doves fluttering their wings could be seen in the far-off distance.

20. When she wore this romper and there was world peace among us all.

21. And finally, when she was clothed as an incandescent entity awaiting the perfect moment to be lifted into the heavens.

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