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Friendly Reminder That Groovy Girls Were Way Better Than Barbie

These girls are everything your childhood needed.

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Let's all take a moment to realize that Groovy Girls are TOTALLY underrated.

Remember playing with Barbie and her shoes fell off? Life felt hopeless and void of meaning, but faith was restored when Groovy Girls came into your life.

It was a blessing to our world when these dolls first flooded the aisles of every toy store in the nation.

These girls were considered a funky, fresh alternative to Barbies because they had the most fabulous clothing and accessories. Just look at these mamas and their style. DAMN.

Just to touch a Barbie you had to buy it, find some scissors, and stab its box open. But Groovy Girls were all natural ladies...they weren't about that packaged lifestyle.

Their wardrobe was cool AF and closely resembled the clothes in your pre-teen closet. HELL YEAH, GROOVIES. Show off that ~flava~.

Let's be real for a sec. Was pink really your favorite color? Groovy Girls were all about those lime greens, blues and oranges. They knew their shit when it came to fitting a wide range of tastes.

Your girls kept you up-to-date on the coolest middle school trends and showed you how to rock a pair of glasses.

They were also the perfect slumber party buddies because they were actually comfortable enough to sleep with in bed.

Try snuggling up next to Barbie and tell me how your neck feels in the morning.

You traveled in style with these fashionistas. With them, you were pretty much the squad goals of your generation.

Was Barbie's dream house as compact and space-saving as your Groovy Girls bedroom essentials?!

And let's talk about their sick ride, made entirely of fabric. You never worried about it losing a wheel or breaking down, so road trips were always happening.

Your gal pals blended in perfectly with your other fluffy friends too. Do you think these beanie babes would let Barbie join this club?

But for real, every child should have owned Groovy Girls because these ladies were proFRESHionals when it came to celebrating friendship and diversity. Simply put, these girls were the shit.

Groovy Girls, you brightened our goddamn childhood. You were hella groovy and the best friends we ever had. #BLESSED TO HAVE KNOWN YOU ALL.

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