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21 Skills Girl Scouts Learn That Make Them Badass Adults

On my honor I will try.

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1. You learned at a young age how to perfect the art of humblebragging.

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2. You understood the importance of fostering a strong network with professionals.

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3. You applied creativity and innovation to come up with unique projects.

4. You learned how to slay the business casual attire before most.

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5. You recognized how mentoring contributes to the personal growth and success of others.

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6. You discovered how to hold productive business meetings.

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7. You learned why collaboration and teamwork are integral for professional development.

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8. You gained expertise in financial literacy.

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9. You created meaningful methods to facilitate community engagements.

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10. You practiced time management by allocating a specific period for tasks.

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11. You were given the necessary tools for efficient problem-solving.

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12. You learned how to stay calm when handling emergency situations.

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13. You mastered negotiation skills to maintain working relationships.

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14. You developed communication tools to establish good rapport.

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15. You used project management to ensure successful completion of sales.

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16. You learned extensive methods of interpreting and analyzing data.

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17. You were given hands-on experience in garnishing and cooking meals.

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18. You gained knowledge acquisition through observational learning.

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19. You accomplished tasks that required a strong, manual dexterity.

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20. You proved how physical strength is advantageous to job performance.

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21. You gained a confident mindset to achieve your goals and dreams.

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Kudos Girl Scouts, you're all rockstars.

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