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Dustin From "Zoey 101" Is Now A Sexy Dreamboat

♫ You look gooooood my dear♫

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We all remember Dustin from Zoey 101 as Zoey's adorable younger brother. He was the cutest boy who made the show extra enjoyable to watch.


But it's been seven years since the last episode of the show, so that means Dustin has had some time to grow up...


I'd like to introduce you to Paul Butcher, SEXY GROWN-UP DUSTIN. Goodbye, Pacific Coast Academy — and hello, BEACH WITH SEXY DUSTIN WHO WANTS TO TAKE YOU OUT.

Paul, it's no big deal how your eyes sparkle in the light like stars in a midnight sky.

Your sun-kissed, perfect jawbone is nothing special.

It's chill that your sense of style can make anyone fall weak at the knees.

OK FINE. Those eyes are just, mmmm. They're like two chocolate almonds glistening in a candy factory.

AND THOSE LIPS. DEAR LORD. That black-and-white filter makes them look extra luscious.

Look at that unbuttoned flannel. THAT UNBUTTONED FLANNEEELLLLLLL.

And when you put on those glasses...DAMN. Are you a 45-degree angle? Because you're acute-y.

Today's lesson? Paul Butcher is hot AF and Zoey 101 needs to come out with a sequel: Dustin 202. Thank you for existing, Paul — you are loved more than you know.

You can check out Paul's Instagram and Twitter as well!

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