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Derek From "The Cheetah Girls" Has The World's Most Beautiful Beard

But you know he's still our boo.

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Remember the super steamy moment when he delicately brushed Galleria's cheek in the cafeteria? You probably thought that was the hottest thing that could ever happen...



Kyle Schmid, the actor who played Derek, has blessed us by growing out the most glorious facial hair to ever exist on the planet.

HE HAS BECOME A LITERAL GOD AMONG MEN. Picture running your fingers through his beard, and feeding him grapes as you rest your chin on his chest hair.

Here you see his beard nice and trimmed. Imagine stroking it with your pinky or feeling it lightly scratch against your lips.

Here Kyle's beard is in full-grown action, heating up the airport as he prepares for his next ~adventure~.

On to the next adventure. #maltabound #malta #paultheapostle


Here he is modeling next to some ponies. How cute. How adorable. How perfect.

Kyle Schmid, thank you for existing. More importantly, thank you for not shaving. You should throw away your razor and let those hairs dance in the wind for the rest of your life.

You can follow Kyle on Twitter and Instagram here!


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