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Friendly Reminder That American Girl Doll Created The Ultimate Puberty Bible

Your tween body seriously needed this.

The Care & Keeping of YOU is the godliest book that ever freaking existed. If you didn't have this shit growing up, I'm not quite sure how you survived.

Seriously. Jenny here was your go-to girl if you needed to transform dull, frizzy strands into luscious, goddess-like locks.

Erica shared her brilliant suggestions of how to make your braces look hot AF and color coordinate with your outfits like a Bo$$.

Remember waking up to a nasty planet on your face?! Margaret's handy-dandy tips on how to disguise the fuck out of those blemishes saved the day.

And anytime you felt like a "pizza face," Janet would say, "YOU ARE MORE THAN A PIZZA FACE, YOU ARE A STAR."

TBT to when you first found out you needed glasses and your book squad taught you how to be the fashion icon of your middle school class.

Camilla changed your life by reminding you to use some goddamn floss and toothpaste.

"WHY IS THERE HAIR THERE?" your foolish tween self once cried. But Cindy was there to tell you, "IT IS PART OF ~BECOMING A WOMAN~."

And when you were confused AF about the day these little ta ta balls popped up on your chest, Ethel helped you embrace your new, glorious bosoms.

How would you have known what kind of bra to buy at Limited Too if you didn't have your girls to walk you through the process?!

When your big day arrived and you asked, "WHAT IS A PERIOD AND HOW DO I STOP IT?!" Mama Thomson was there to teach you all about feminine hygiene products.

And thank god for Chelsea who guided you on how to insert a tampon into la vagina.

You pretty much had an entire support group behind you shouting, "HANG ON, PAL. YOU'RE JUST GROWING UP."

Thank you for existing, Puberty Bible. You saved MILLIONS of tween girls' lives. We love you more than you know, and now we love our bodies too. <3