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Backstreet Boy A.J. McLeans Excentric Looks

Back in the day i was a huge Backstreet Boys fan. To the point where i sent Nick Carter swiss chocolate for his birthday (never got a response) and told my parents (in all seriousness) that the boys were the most important thing in my life. So i think its time to turn the wheel of time and take a look at the most excentric member of the group.

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Blonde Ambitions


1996 This picture broke my heart! On a german TV Show Nick and A.J. presented their new hair cuts. While Nick got almost death threats für his new (bowl cut) do, A.J.'s went pretty unnoticed - but the bleached look never did it for me.

Though and bald


1997 Shortly after fans halfway recovered from the Backstreet hair disaster A.J. shaved away the blonde ice-tips. Although it was a good idea to get rid of the blonde mess, this bald statement seemed a little harsh.

Leopard Cowboy


1999 Another hat-picture from the time the boys promoted their album "Millennium". A.J. was definitely not shy to mix weird prints with weird hats. And of course the nicely shaved beard/moustache was getting more important.


Picasa http://3.0 / Via

1999 By the time "Millennium" was out A.J. had already Tattoos along both of his arms. I remember his first Tattoo caused a bit of a buzz (again, in Europe) while he was on tour for the groups second album. He and Brain both got a cross on their upper arms.

Hat, (real) glasses and a manly beard


Today Around the time of "Black and Blue" my Backstreet fan days were definitely over and i stopped paying close attention to the five boys. But from time to time i do look at recent pictures of them and it didn't slip my attention that A.J. McLean seems to have found a well rounded style. Still with a hat (a cool one), still with a beard (a fully grown, manly one), still with glasses (you know the one's to see better) but with a more real attitude and warmth about him - and a few new hair plugs (sorry A.J. :) :) )

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