What Its Like When You Don’t Drink Coffee Or Tea

Growing up a picky eater is one thing, but to be an adult who doesn’t like two of the most popular beverages is a whole other story.

1. Every once in a while coffee smells so good you think maybe I’ll try it again…

2. …and then you realize you still don’t like it

3. You’re always being asked on coffee dates

Friends and dates, its standard. Everyones goes for coffee.

4. There’s never anything that good to drink in coffee shops


5. The barista usually judges you for not ordering coffe or tea

6. Everyone wants to tell you about their Keurig

Why do I care??

7. Its so hard to wake up in the morning!

Then its hard to stay awake the rest of the day.

8. You’re always so out of place in England.

So you kinda feel like this.

9. Sometimes you feel kinda left out of the world

10. So what’s your favorite non-coffee or tea drink?

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