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    27 Things From Target That’ll Make You Wonder Why You Thought Updating Your Space Would Be Hard

    No demo day, unresponsive contractors, or big budget needed.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pretty floral printed rug that can transform any space in a flash... and also cover up that ugly flooring you just don't know what to do with.

    2. An accent chair to create the book nook of your dreams and maybe even convince you to make a dent in that TBR list instead of binging New Girl again.

    the chair with a beige cushion and styled with a pillow

    3. A surprisingly realistic faux plant so you can add some greenery to your space — you'll be shocked at what a difference this low-effort change makes in any room.

    4. A set of nine gallery wall frames that will fill up a big space but also help you move away from only having your fave pics on your phone and instead actually displaying those memories on your wall.

    the frames hung in a grid on the wall

    5. A woven counter height bar stool to help you achieve that effortless coastal grandmother look. Put on a little Van Morrison, make yourself a pour-over coffee, and luxuriate in the beautiful life you've made for yourself.

    Two stools in the navy color next to a countertop

    6. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper because you've always wanted to do something bold with that beige wall but you've never wanted to invest in something permanent. This is a low-stakes way to try something new that just feels more... you.

    The wallpaper on a wall

    7. An updated shower curtain that will give your dated beach-theme bathroom the style glow-up it deserves. Plus, it can help hide the tub when you maybe haven't cleaned it as recently as you should've.

    The striped shower curtain hung up

    8. A large light fixture for creating a statement piece in your dining room. Become the host of your dreams with this one simple installation.

    the light fixture hung in a dining room

    9. A standing lamp with a shelf so you can shine a light on your space as well as your impeccable design taste. Plus, this can help clear some clutter from your other tables that has been piling up.

    The lamp styled next to a chair

    10. A round coffee table from Studio McGee that's chic, modern, and practically begging to be shown off in your beautiful living room. All you need now are a couple books to display and you'll be set.

    11. A heavyweight linen blend quilt delivering on style *and* sleep quality. Are you in your bed at home or at a fancy bed and breakfast? Your brain won't be able to tell the difference.

    the quilt in the sage green color

    12. A peel-and-stick tile set aka the real MVP of DIY home improvement. It's easy to execute and you'll get the wow factor you've been looking for without having to drop heaps of cash.

    13. A sweet little rattan bar cart that can take a boring corner and turn it into the social spot of your home. Are you the kind of person who mixes interesting cocktails for guests? Honey, you are now.

    14. A velvet light-filtering curtain panel with a macrame trim in a sunny color to bring the whole room together and make it look expertly finished. Snap some pics for your new interior design Instagram account, because this one's going to get a lot of hearts.

    A set of the curtain panels in the gold color

    15. A rolling triple laundry sorter with a hang bar because while you may not have a separate laundry room, you can still get that super organized look regardless. Sadly, folding the laundry is still on you.

    The laundry rack in a laundry room with clothes on it

    16. A natural wood floor mirror that will help make your room look larger than it actually is (win!). It's also perfect for that last-minute 'fit check before you head out the door.

    The mirror hung on a wall

    17. A Waterpik dual-mode shower head sure to be your favorite bathroom update, um, EVER. With six spray settings (including "PowerPulse Therapeutic Massage"), you're going to need to budget an extra 10–15 minutes for this spa-like experience each morning — plan accordingly!

    the shower heads

    18. A four-piece stainless-steel bathroom hardware set to update the whole look of the space in one fell swoop. All you need is one hour and a screwdriver (and maybe a good podcast to listen to, too!) and you'll suddenly have a brand new WC.

    19. A wood-top kitchen cart that's super versatile (it's a coffee bar! a food prep station! a place for all those random kitchen gadgets you can't live without!) and will give you those kitchen island vibes — without, you know, a whole reno.

    the kitchen cart styled in a kitchen

    20. A Google Nest digital front door lock aka the ultimate upgrade for the front of the house. You never have to worry about forgetting (or, let's be honest, losing) your keys again. Just type the code into this bad boy and boom! you're inside. You can also use the Nest app to securely give passcodes to your fam and friends if you're out of town.

    The door lock in black on natural wood door

    21. A six-pack of wireless, remote-controlled puck lights you can install all over the house to really shine a spotlight on your home improvement skills. Design tip: Stick these in a sconce or light fixture if you want to add brightness to a room without dealing with electrical wiring.

    The lights on under cabinetry, illuminating a kitchen sink

    22. A machine washable, four-piece slipcover set that can hide years and years of pizza and wine stains. You've loved your comfy couch for years... it's time to give it the little upgrade it deserves.

    The couch in a gray slipcover

    23. A four-piece matching towel set because you really are a little too old to be using the free cartoon character beach towel you got in the early aughts. Treat yourself to these!

    The mint colored towel set in a bathroom

    24. A 12-piece set of sophisticated stoneware dishes if you've been meaning to replace your hodge-podge collection of dishware for oh, about a decade now. Turn the everyday task of setting the table into the art of ~creating a tablescape~. Hello, Martha!

    25. A four-piece wicker conversation set that will turn your outdoor space into your new favorite spot in the house. Just imagine yourself out there, sipping on something you like and reading a book — we still got some warm weeks left! Take advantage of them!

    the conversation set outside on a patio

    26. A writing desk since your work-from-home space needs a bit of editing as well. Not only will you have a workplace that's conducive to writing the next great American novel (@ me), but you'll also get a little bit of extra storage with it, too!

    the white desk

    27. And a woven TV stand that's simply so much more put together than the one you "borrowed" from your parents' basement all those years ago. It even has space to hide the ancient DVDs you just can't seem to let go of, too!

    the media table styled in a room

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